Crocs, everyone’s favorite swiss cheese- looking footwear is the talk of Wall Street today. The shoes are no longer something to laugh at; they are a genuine investment opportunity.

Fashion tip: But seriously though, don’t wear socks with crocs, they look ridiculous.

You are welcome for that advice! Someone, somewhere, needed to hear that advice. And if you are so inclined to show your gratitude, I don’t require money or a gift card to Applebee’s. I simply ask that you read Money Moves everyday for the rest of your life. That is a small price to pay.

How hot of a stock is crocs? It’s damn hot!

So hot, in fact, that investment bank Piper Sandler (not to be confused with Adam Sandler) has named Crocs as one of their top stock picks for 2022!

Piper Sandler is bullish on Crocs because they see “impressive consumer growth”

Croc, croc, croc, around the clock tonight! Play me some crocodile rock. But no need for crocodile tears, because those tears will be tears of happiness for all the investment winnings from crocs.

This is the most exciting news about Crocs since that time they sold KFC themed crocs.

And, no, I am not kidding. That was an actual thing that happened. Read here.

In 2020, Crocs collaborated with Kentucky Fried Chicken to create chicken drumstick themed crocs, and boy, were they finger licking expensive.

The crocs sold for $60 on crocs’ website, and immediately sold out. If you wanted those drumsticks on the soles of your feet, you had to pay upwards of $210 on the resale market. And God knows how much they were on the chicken- footwear black market.

Like they say, if you don’t know how much, you can’t afford it.

But, back to 2022. KFC-Crocs are so 2020. We here at Money Moves are only concerned with making money now.

Croc shares have been buoyed in part by its accusation of footwear brand HeyDude.

Yes, that is the name of an actual company. I came across their website while laboriously conducting research for this article, so I could present it to you, my fellow Money Movers.

The company is no small mom and pop footwear operation either. Nothing against mom and pop operations, but Crocs acquired HeyDude for $2.5 billion. And HeyDude makes 43% of their sales online, compared to 37% for Crocs. That will help Croc increase their digital sales footprint as well.

Smart. Well played crocs. Well played.

Crocs hopes to build HEYDUDE into a $1 billion brand by 2024, and both companies have high margins. So they got that going for them…which is nice. (Yes, that was a Caddy Shack reference.) So expect EPS to be a nice prize for those who buy themselves some croc shares.

The company also expects strong revenue growth for fiscal year 2021 between 62-65%.

According to analysts, that will result in EPS of $7.56.

And, most importantly, our Green Zone rating system is super pumped about Crocs. We are “strong bullish” on shares of Crocs.

So, I will judge you if you wear socks with Crocs. But I won’t judge you for buying shares of Crocs.

Oh, no, on the contrary, I will be very proud of you, my fellow Money Movers.

So, by all means, go get you a pair or more shares of Crocs!