The further we go down the crypto rabbit hole, the more the world opens up—and now we’re starting to see how Blockchain will be used in the REAL world.

Bet you didn’t think you were going to get a full-on Blockchain education when you started down this road with me, did you?

You probably thought you’d get a few tasty nuggets of wisdom that you could use to grab some quick profits and never look back.

Well, to be truthful, that’s exactly what I thought too.

I had no idea of the level of saturation that Blockchain was gaining.

Sure, I knew about cryptos and even had an idea about NFTs, but as far as things like DAOs and NFTs as nightclub tickets go, I was totally in the dark.

I had no clue just how wide of a net Blockchain technology was starting to cast on the world around us.

Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming. There’s so much happening, and it’s happening fast. The more I learn, the more I realize that we’re only starting to scratch the surface of the possibilities this technology is presenting.

Every time I think we have a pretty good handle on things, something new comes in and wrecks my Zen.

Thanks A Lot, Connor…

This actually happened earlier today when I was talking to Connor Walcott, Money Moves editor extraordinaire.

He’s been reading each and every one of our crypto journey letters in order to make sure I don’t look like an illiterate idiot…and I thank him for that.

That also means he’s following along on the journey, learning everything that we do—and that makes him ONE of us. And just like the rest of us, thanks to this process, new stories about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and related technologies catch his eye.

So, imagine my surprise when we started talking about NFTs and he brought something up that totally rocked my world.

“Hey, do you know about CD Projekt Red’s new watch?” he asked me.

I thought he was talking in a different language at first…but then Connor explained that CD Projekt Red is a legendary company in the video game world. “CD Projekt Red is the company that makes the Witcher games and put out Cyperpunk 2077 last year…and they’re releasing a new watch that uses Blockchain technology!” he told me excitedly.

Now, while I’ve heard of these franchises, I’m not much of a gamer, and for other non-gamers out there, I’m sure this still doesn’t make sense. Sure, I dabble every now and again when I’m bored—but when I play games, if it’s not Call of Duty or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I’m going to be out of the loop.

However, upon hearing that a big-name gaming company like CD Projekt Red is putting out a watch that utilizes Blockchain technology, my interest was piqued immediately.

So, I asked him to send me the link to the story – and I’ve got to say, this just proves things are getting out of control in the crypto world.

According to IGN, “There’s a new wristwatch based on Cyberpunk 2077 that you can preorder right now. CD Projekt Red is partnering up with Blonie Watches to release the T-2077, a limited edition wristwatch born out of the dystopian setting of Cyberpunk 2077.”

Collectible? Yes… But Groundbreaking As Well!

Ok…nothing new here.

Just a gaming company partnering up with a watchmaker to put out some swag. This watch seems like it would be a cool thing on the collectibles market, but that’s about it.

I mean, it’s DEFINITELY a cool-looking watch…

However, if you’re not a big fan of the game, what’s the big deal? Why is it worth the high cost?

Well, you get to the big deal as you get a little deeper into the article. IGN reports that Blockchain technology is going to be used to verify that the watch is authentic.

The article goes on to say, “Also, owners of the T-2077 watch will have a digital certification of authenticity using blockchain technology administered by the specialist firm, Arianee. This decision was to mitigate the risk of counterfeiting. Owners can transfer ownership by using the Arianee app.”

That was it…just a little blurb.

But to me, it was mind-blowing to see that the real-world applications for this technology are out there. We’re just now starting to see how Blockchain can be implemented for the highest level of security, and this collectible watch is one of the first products to show us that the uses for this technology are still in their infancy.

In fact, I’m considering buying one myself—and at $499, that’s not a small investment for something that may or may not appreciate in price. (If you’re interested too, you can preorder one HERE.)

But having the first watch verified by Blockchain is pretty dang neat.

And it makes me excited to think about what tomorrow’s journey will reveal.

Until then…


“The whole point of collecting is the thrill of acquisition, which must be maximized, and maintained at all costs.” ― John Baxter


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