Right now, only 4% of the world is using cryptocurrency. However, with each new breakthrough, it comes closer and closer to going mainstream.

Are we having fun yet?

I get it…

This has been a LOT of information to digest so far—but I think we’re doing it in small enough increments that none of us will become overwhelmed as we mosey on down the road to becoming crypto-competent.

I promise, we’re getting somewhere—and soon, we’ll be playing in the sandbox with the other kids.

For now, I believe being forewarned is being forearmed—so until we get more of a handle on this, I’m going to stick to learning before I start throwing money around.

As we’ve already talked about, cryptos are FAR from mainstream yet but believe me when I tell you, it won’t be long until the 4% of the world population that uses it jumps to 10%…and from there, we’ll be off to the races.


Think about how fast time goes these days—and then think about how fast people adapt to technological advances.

Put these together and you’ll understand why I’m telling you that we have to prepare now.

Each and every time there is a breakthrough or somebody does something different with crypto that has never been done before, we get closer and closer to that happening.

The Next Big Thing Is Happening Now

But what’s the tipping point?

When will cryptos become “mainstream”? Is it when 40% of the population is using cryptos? Or does it have to be over 50%? More than 50%? Either way, I don’t want to wait around and find out.

I want to be there before the crowd…don’t you?

However, regardless of what we WANT, the fact of the matter is that today, we’re closer than we’ve ever been.

The trajectory of cryptocurrency has changed, and the day it goes mainstream may arrive sooner than anticipated.

The band OneRepublic just became the first major US recording artist to start taking crypto as payment at their concerts.

Now, this may not sound like that big of a deal.

You may be thinking, “Shawn, why does that matter? That’s only ONE band that’s doing that. Do you know how many music acts are out there? Tens of thousands! This isn’t that big of a deal.”

If that’s you, then you really don’t understand the repercussions of a move like this.

While you’d be right in saying “it’s only ONE band,” once ONE band does something like this, others follow suit—and they tend to do it fast!

Just knowing it’s possible will open this up to the rest of the music world…and after that, other entertainers will be sure to follow along.

I bet it won’t be long before we hear about comedians taking crypto for their standup shows and stage magicians cashing in on the magic of digital currency.

This seems like something that Criss Angel would be all over.

Ryan Tedder: A Visionary Artist

This is how it starts—and we can thank OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder for the push forward.

It was his interest in Blockchain technology that made the crypto exchange for musical experience happen in Austria, when the band performed at the historic Haydn Hall theater. OneRepublic used Bitcoin payment app Strike to take payment for concert tickets…and the fact that the show sold out in a matter of minutes is very telling.

In a statement, Tedder said, “My band and I are so happy to be a part of something that we believe is, without question, the future of how payments are transacted for unlimited amounts of assets, performances, services, purchases, music, etc. around the world. Whether it’s artists using NFTs to fund albums with their fans or bands being paid for concerts in crypto, music & tech go hand in hand. With that in mind, it only made sense for us to take the next logical step. I also have an upcoming private concert in December I’m planning on taking Bitcoin for.”

As they say…“so it begins.”

Do you see why it’s so important to get ahead of this stuff now?

This is just ONE of the reasons why I started this journey down the crypto rabbit hole.

This IS the future—and we can be there before the masses.

Again, I thank you for joining me and trusting me on this journey.


“We are very, very, very close to a couple different countries announcing that they’re making Bitcoin their federal reserve currency. And when you think about what that means, that’s insane. It’s insane. So it’s not a wave. You know what I mean? This is going to continue happening.” – Ryan Tedder