With economic uncertainty threatening to push our volatile markets over the edge, savvy investors turn challenges into opportunities.

When I was a kid and the fair was in town, there were two things that I absolutely HAD to do every single time: ride the Tilt-A-Whirl and walk through the Funhouse.

Now, my love affair with the Tilt-A-Whirl ended when I was 13 and I got sick on the ride, forever changing its name to the Tilt-A-Puke–which I still call it to this very day. 

With the Tilt-A-Puke a “no-go” for me after that, that left the Funhouse as my favorite attraction.

Much less puking involved on that one.

But man, did I love it…and I’ll tell you why. For that 5 to 7 minute adventure, I got to pretend like I was my hero, Indiana Jones.

I would bound through that thing like I was storming some kind of ancient temple in search of an artifact that could change the world, and getting out was always the hardest part. 

There were two funhouses when I was a kid. One had a spinning barrel as the exit – and the other had a shifting platform that would rattle your brain. Both came with their own unique set of problems, but the Shake Shack was my favorite because it was the closest to an Indiana Jones adventure. 

The Shake Shack…fun and good memories long before the association with burgers.

Finding Your Footing

Honestly, our financial world has felt a lot like that Shake Shack lately.

It’s very hard to get your footing…only that’s much less fun outside of a carnival setting.

Every time you think you’re stable, something new comes around. War in Ukraine, product shortages, or more COVID lockdowns. 

So, what do we do? 

Do we try to gain a steady footing, even when it seems impossible? 

Or do we shift our weight, roll with the punches, and figure out a different way to be? 

Well, I truly believe that being able to pivot is the most important skill to have when the markets offer uncertainty instead of stability. 

A good idea in the short term might be to swap your “investor” hat for a “trader” hat. 

What I mean is that traders tend to do well in a volatile environment because they’re quick to identify pitfalls and opportunities before making their trades. The key is maximizing your profit by managing your positions in plays on which you can pivot quickly. 

Change Your Focus To Get Results

It’s all in the mindset…

Adapt this new way of thinking into your trading: shorten your time windows, have the courage to go against the crowd, and keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

Doing these things allows you to simply focus on execution; stop-losses, lower price targets, and data-driven analysis will help you mitigate your losses, maximize your potential, and most importantly, let your winners run.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take some discipline–but once you establish a trading protocol, it’ll feel like a comfortable pair of shoes. 

That’s how we THRIVE during a turbulent market while others are just trying to survive. 

It’s amazing that people lose sight of the opportunities because they simply focus on the negatives…but EVERY financial situation can be turned into an advantage.

How’s the old song go? 

“Accentuate the positive… eliminate the negative.”

That’s your job for now. 

A little uncertainty isn’t the end of the world–but it can put money in your pocket if you know where to look. 

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” – Jack Dixon