With inflation impacting American families harder than it has in decades, the supply chain crisis is adding fuel to the fire—but there is a silver lining.

Do you want to hear something that doesn’t get talked about a lot?

Being poor can be an advantage.

The first part of my life was marked with hard times. I was raised by a single mother, and our life in Rochester, New York, was less than desirable.

Though we had love, we didn’t have much more.

I ate the same thing every night: a hot dog and some canned potatoes…but sometimes, I might only get a butter and jelly sandwich. Some days, for lunch, I got a bologna or tuna fish sandwich; other times I got a ketchup or mayonnaise sandwich. It all depended on our financial situation that week.

In the winter, we would run the heat only sparingly, and my mom and I would fight to sit on top of the one register in our apartment while eating our bowl of Chex cereal.

Now, despite all that, I was happy. I had a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and even food in my belly—but looking back as an adult, I came to realize just how poor my mother and I were.

Luckily, we were able to get out of that situation when my mother remarried—but all these years later, I still know what it’s like to go to bed hungry, and I know what it’s like to be cold…

And I know that the things I went through back then are an advantage to my life now.

It gives me strength and resilience that I didn’t know I would need.

I first found this out when my wife and I got together as young pups and decided we wanted to do it “on our own.” We didn’t make a lot of money and it was hard to make the rent every month, but you’d be surprised just how delicious (and affordable) instant mashed potatoes could be.

However, slowly but surely, we built ourselves up, got our degrees, and become different people living a different life where rent and food were no longer a problem.

Misfortune Or Opportunity?

We weren’t just fortunate; we worked hard to change our situation. It’s a story I’m sure you’ve heard many times before…

But with what’s happening right now with the American economy, it may be a story we don’t hear for some time to come.

Inflation is battering the American people in ways it hasn’t in almost 40 years, and when you mix in supply chain issues exacerbating prices with the ol’ “supply and demand” side of the economy, you have a recipe for disaster.

Or do you?

Now, again, I hate to be that guy that takes advantage of misfortune. What is happening to the US and the world is terrible, and hopefully, our elected officials can get a handle on things soon and turn it around.

But the bottom line is this: as I’ve said before, every situation has a silver lining.

We don’t have to wallow in despair over what is happening. Instead, we can cash in that silver lining.

For example, right now we KNOW that one of the biggest issues with the supply chain is the disconnect between fully-loaded cargo ships, American ports, and trucking companies—not to mention all the COVID red tape each party is required to work around in an effort to get the job done while keeping people safe.

But what that means is that some industries are SOARING right now, with one of the biggest movers being the transportation and logistics sector, especially those companies involved with ocean transport.

What Do The Experts Say?

Right now, there’s a VERY strong prospect in the Green Zones Fortunes portfolio that is rated at 99 out of 100 for profit potential.

If you’re already a subscriber to GZF, you know which company I’m talking about, as Adam O’Dell and Charles Sizemore are VERY good at identifying strong profit opportunities.

However, since it’s in the active portfolio, I can’t give the stock away here…

But that doesn’t make it the ONLY shipping company that could return your profits.

I’ve found another company that isn’t as highly rated as the GZF portfolio’s pick but definitely seems to be moving towards a run: Danaos Corp (DAC).

This company is being talked about by people in the know on Wall Street – and it makes sense, as they’ve returned 236.4% year to date.

And while they may not be ranked quite as high on the GZF scale, they do come in at a respectable 83.

Here… see for yourself.

While Danaos Corp may be a bit on the larger side for what we like to see, they’re definitely in the right industry at the right time, and their returns are undeniable.

If you were looking for a way to beat the inflation doldrums, then you might want to look at a company like Danaos Corp…

Or you can leave it alone and put that money away in order to save up for hot dogs and canned potatoes, because one way or another, it seems we’re going to be dealing with inflation for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, I’m prepared!!


“When something happens, the only thing in your power is your attitude toward it. It is not the things that disturb us, but our interpretation of their significance. Things and people are not what we wish them to be nor are they what they seem to be. They are what they are.” – Epictetus