3 Billionaires Have Already Invested in My No. 1 Fear-to-Fortune Stock

Some of the smartest billionaires are loading up on shares of my favorite “fear-to-fortune” stock

CEO Larry Fink of BlackRock now owns 10,000 shares.

CEO Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan now owns 46,000 shares.

And CEO Ken Griffin of the hedge fund Citadel now own 131,000 shares.

And because markets have already fallen by as much as 20% or more this year, I predict more billionaires will act on fear-to-fortune stocks, like the one I uncovered.

Fear-to-fortune investing is a powerful secret billionaires like Warren Buffett, David Tepper and Sir John Templeton have used to become filthy rich.

And it actually works BEST during market turmoil … like what we’re experiencing right now.

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