Analyst: 40% of All Stocks are Now Rated Bearish or High-Risk

Wall Street legend Adam O’Dell’s proprietary AI stock rating system just released its newest findings…

Deeming over 1,900 stocks bearish and high-risk.

That’s 40% of ALL publicly traded stocks.

Stocks like Target, Amazon and Tesla are on his blacklist. 

These are stocks you’ll want to consider selling today.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Right now.

When these stocks fall, they will fall hard and fast … dragging 401(k)s, IRAs and pension funds down with them.

Up to 60 million retirement accounts are in grave danger.

Such devastation could cause many people to put off retirement for years. Maybe decades. Others may lose out on retirement altogether.

In his most controversial message ever, Adam is stepping forward to warn Americans about what’s really going on in the stock market.

He’s not going to stop there, he’s also revealing how you can get access to all 1,900 of his system’s bearish and high-risk rated stocks. Many of which are likely lurking in your portfolio.

That’s why it’s important you see Adam’s newest presentation right away.

The results he’s releasing today are from the same system that identified Carvana, Beyond Meat and Wayfair as high-risk … before they dropped as much as 80%, 97% and 98%.

Time really is of the essence here.

To get full details, click here right now … while his message is still online.