NVIDIA, AMD, and the Race for AI…

I love studying great companies and their founders.

And in the vast global marketplace today, there are a myriad of unique business stories constantly unfolding.

Not least of which in 2023, is the rise of artificial intelligence.

But the business story I want to share with you today goes far beyond the competitive nature of boardrooms… and dare I say, transcends bloodlines.

Resulting in what some would classify as a family feud to the nth degree.

Here’s what I mean.

Jensen Huang is the founder and CEO of the AI microchip maker, NVIDIA.

As you likely know, NVIDIA is the primary stock success story of the year so far. With an incredible year to date gain of 221%.

But when NVIDIA went public in 1999, its market cap was a mere $1.5 billion.

However, in the two decades since, Huang has led NVIDIA to an incredible $1.14 trillion market cap this year.

To date, NVIDIA has seen an amazing, all-time gain of 56,019%.

NVIDIA is putting its AI tech into everything these days, including video games, movies, robots and even self-driving cars.

“The race is on to adopt generative AI,” Huang said in a statement. “A new computing era has begun.”

That’s why Barron’s reports that under Huang, NVIDIA “expanded its technology leadership, making it difficult for rivals to compete effectively.”

But Huang’s biggest competitor, Advanced Micro Dynamics (AMD), is making big money moves in AI of its own.

And Jensen Huang just so happens to be the uncle of AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su.

In 2013, the year before Su joined AMD, the tech giant was at a low point with a diminished market cap of $1.78 billion.

But according to Forbes, after Su took AMD’s reigns in 2014, the stock soared 30-fold, creating “one of the greatest recent turnarounds in the technology sector.”

And leading to AMD’s current $165 billion market cap.

Which means under Su’s leadership, AMD has seen an astounding 9,162% gain in a little less than 10 years.

Although AMD has a way to go before it catches up to Nvidia, Su seems to be preparing for battle against her uncle in the AI revolution.

When asked about AMD’s plans, Su declared, “You will see AI in every single product at AMD, and it will be the largest growth driver.”

Now doesn’t she sound like a micro-chip off the old block?

But as you can tell, these AI tech CEOs aren’t playing around. And many experts believe we’re just entering the start of the AI boom.

That’s why AI has been called the biggest new industry of the 21st century. Worth a staggering $80 trillion over the next ten years.

And Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell saw it coming a long time ago.

In fact, Adam labeled the fastest-growing sector of the artificial intelligence industry as “x.AI” a whole 15 months before Elon Musk announced his newest AI-based company by the same name.

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Matthew Clark
Chief Research Analyst, Stock Power Daily