Each month in Apex Alert, we have the chance to stack consistent double-digit gains on stock trades by following my proprietary Apex Profit Calendar.

This powerful tool is a major breakthrough of my 40-year career and the result of combining artificial intelligence with one of my most profitable trading strategies. It’s a version of the same market-beating strategy I used as a full-time money manager to grow my former hedge fund from $80 million to $220 million in just 18 months.

The AI-driven program behind my Apex Profit Calendar has the computational power to predict in advance … what stocks to buy… when to buy them, and… when to sell them for the shot at making the most gains

Every single buy and sell date is predetermined in advance on the calendar and supported by a decade worth of data. All you need to do is take a quick look and watch for our Apex trade alerts that show you the best stock pick for that date.

I’ve designed Apex Alert to roll our wins from each profit season into the next, month to month, and year to year … allowing us to keep stacking up those opportunities for even bigger gains.

Our back testing and research shows that the Apex Alert strategy has the power to deliver an annualized gain of 64% simply trading stocks, and that’s in any environment — bull, bear or flat market.