Adam O'DellAdam O'Dell, MBA
Chief Investment Strategist,Money & Markets

Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell is among the top investment analysts in the world.

A West Virginia native whose parents were first-generation college students, Adam credits his family with teaching him the value of hard work.

The grind of running a multimillion-dollar hedge fund in his early 30s eventually got old…

Today, Adam much prefers identifying top profit opportunities for regular folks like his parents and grandparents.

Adam began publishing his trade recommendations online in 2012. Since then, he’s beaten the returns of George Soros, Carl Icahn and even Warren Buffett.

That drive led him to develop his proprietary Stock Power Ratings system, which he unveiled to Money & Markets in 2020 after years of development.

His mission is to track down the absolute best moneymaking opportunities in the markets at any given time — regardless of what the broader market is doing.

For Adam and his readers, there’s always a profit somewhere!

Adam’s systematic investment approach can find profits in any asset class … stocks, bonds, commodities … you name it. His data-driven model rates stocks on three fundamental and three technical factors.

Stock Power Ratings system in hand, Adam’s research has helped readers invest in massive, multi-decade mega trends, such as AI, the genomics revolution and renewable energies.

He is the architect of:

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