Adam O'DellAdam O'Dell, MBA
Chief Investment Strategist,Money & Markets

Adam O’Dell is among the best investment analysts in the world. A former hedge fund manager, he began publishing his trade recommendations online in 2012. Since then he’s beaten the returns of George Soros, Carl Icahn and even Warren Buffett.

Adam’s systematic investment approach is capable of finding profits in any asset class — stocks, bonds, gold … you name it. His mission is to find the absolute best moneymaking opportunities in the markets at any given time, regardless of what the broader market is doing.

For Adam and his readers, there’s always a profit to be found somewhere!

He is the architect of:


value stocks XOM ETF “Bullish” → “Strong Bullish” Value Stock Keeps Climbing
August 15, 2022 Investing
- Value stocks look good for traders to start 2022 as growth stocks lag. This company rates well on both factors in our system!
bear market rally The Bull & The Bear market pessimism We Turned 2022’s Max Pessimism Into Profits (221% … 36% … 23% … and More!)
August 12, 2022 Investing
- A brutal pandemic, a market crash and soaring prices on basic necessities would sour anyone’s mood. But here’s the thing: Market pessimism has become a “crowded trade.”
Is Your Portfolio In Danger in 2022? market sell-off Fed successful investing Why Trade Your Valuable Hours for Dollars? Let Us Guide You!
August 8, 2022 Investing
- The key to successful investing: It's not a high IQ, an Ivy League degree or even 10,000 hours of practice. Stop trading hours for dollars.
economy recession Trump investment dollar low inventory recession fears consumer discretionary energy Shelve Recession Fears and Profit in This Market (2-Sector Shortlist)
August 5, 2022 Investing
- Recession fears are high, but keep an eye on two sectors. Consumer discretionary stocks are trending, and energy continues to march higher.
Inflation Reduction Act energy storage stocks Senate’s Proposed Bill Boosted Energy Storage Stocks — Get Ready for More Gains
August 1, 2022 Investing
- The proposed Inflation Reduction Act boosted energy storage stocks in a big way. And that's just the start for the renewables mega trend.
investors investing decision Wild Markets Create Too Many Decisions — Simplify and Take Control
July 29, 2022 Investing
- Investors tend to make emotional and irrational decisions when it comes to buying and selling stocks. Systems help cut that out.
10X Fortunes bear market bull market In Bear Markets, Buy What’s Working
July 25, 2022 Markets
- Cheap stocks can always get cheaper, particularly when the market direction is bearish. Which is why I don’t “dumpster dive” when I invest and why I don’t try to catch that proverbial falling knife.
stock momentum cheap stocks Why I Don’t Dumpster Dive for “Cheap” Stocks — Momentum Is Key
July 22, 2022 Investing
- Wall Street is full of colorful metaphors when it comes to bargain hunting. Here's why Adam O'Dell never goes "dumpster diving" for cheap stocks.
energy bull market ETF Energy Sector Sends Conflicting Signals — Time to Get Picky!
July 18, 2022 Markets
- The energy sector is sending conflicting signals on the Leaders & Laggards board. That means it's time to get picky.
stock market volatility first five days Closing Bell invest with ABUSE trend rules Johnson & Johnson stock JNJ Use Trend Rules to Get Ahead as Volatility Rages On
July 15, 2022 Investing
- Trend rules can help you narrow down your list of potential stocks to buy, and they can reveal assets with lower risk and better odds.


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