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Overall Rating: 20 High-Risk

Action to take: AVOID or SHORT
High-Risk stocks are expected to significantly underperform the market over the next 12 months. Short positions may capitalize on potentially negative price returns.
Priced Based
Fundamental Based
Positive Factors (Top 20%)
Quality: High-quality stocks tend to outperform low-quality stocks.
Growth: High-growth stocks tend to outperform low-growth stocks.
Negative Factors (Bottom 20%)
Momentum: Stocks in downtrends and with significantly lagging momentum should be avoided.
Size: Stocks of the largest companies tend to lag the returns of otherwise equally-rated smaller companies.
Volatility: Stocks of the highest volatility typically underperform and pose unduly higher risk.
Value: Stocks with the highest valuations tend to produce weak or negative forward returns.
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