I’m back with another edition of Feedback Friday!

A lot of great emails have landed in our Money & Markets inbox lately. We have tons of devoted cannabis investors, judging by the feedback we get regarding research analyst Matt Clark’s Marijuana Market Update. Check it out on YouTube here.

Our chief investment strategist Adam O’Dell has also tackled your questions in his new segment, Ask Adam Anything. Watch his latest take on growth stocks and recession odds here.

But I want to address a broader question today. Every week, the Money & Markets team gives you invaluable information on stocks, sectors, ETFs, bonds, the economy and more.

Sometimes, though, we understand that you just want to know the best buy to make right now.

Feedback Friday: Find the Best Stocks

Gracie D. wrote to us:

I want to thank you guys for interesting information. I am looking for your top picks, but I’m not sure where to find them?

Thanks for the email, Gracie!

If you have a question for any of our analysts, send an email to feedback@moneyandmarkets.com.

Regarding your question, Gracie, we have several options for you to find our best recommendations.

First, you can start with Adam’s Weekly Watchlist. He uses his Green Zone Ratings system to craft this list each week.

Every Thursday, you can go here to see an updated list of 10 top stocks that Adam’s system has identified for Money & Markets readers. (If you subscribe to our Green Zone Fortunes premium service, you’ll get these 10 stocks on Wednesdays instead.)

These stocks have the potential to crush the market over the next 2-3 months, and they offer a free preview into Adam’s investing insights.

We touch on some of the watchlist stocks on Money & Markets, but we strive to provide deeper investing analysis, so we can’t hit on all 10 stocks every week.

If you want great recommendations with more information about what makes these stocks worth buying, just keep reading our articles in Money & Markets. We strive to provide you safe and simple investing advice every day.

Finally, for our highest-conviction stock research and selections, along with guidance on when to buy and sell and at what price, you can’t go wrong with Green Zone Fortunes. For a nominal fee, Adam and co-editor Charles Sizemore will walk you through why their monthly stock selections have the potential for outsized gains. They’ll send you weekly investing insights, model portfolio updates, quick communication regarding model portfolio changes and special reports with bonus recommendations several times a year.

Speaking of top stocks, Adam has homed in on what he’s convinced is the next investing mega trend. It revolves around the DNA revolution, and getting in now could be like buying internet stocks in the early 1990s, where exceptional stocks like Microsoft shot up 10,000% in 10 years. Click here to find out how this technology, which Adam calls “Imperium,” is leading the charge. (And his Green Zone Fortunes readers have the chance to get in on the ground floor.)

Gracie, and anyone else who’s looking to make the most out of what we provide here at Money & Markets, I hope this helps.

Remember to reach out with any questions or comments to feedback@moneyandmarkets.com. We’d love to answer your question in one of our features going forward (we’ll never reveal your full name!).