Each month in Precision Profits, we have the chance to uncover incredible market trends using my proprietary Greed Gauge indicator.

This gauge lets me scientifically calculate investors’ greed and fear in real-time — and it releases a trading signal that tells us exactly when to buy …. and exactly when to sell… any single stock inside the S&P 500 with pinpoint precision.

When this indicator turns green on my charts, that means investors are greedy — and that’s when we buy. When turns red, they’ve become fearful — and that’s when we sell.

To supercharge the Greed Gauge’s performance for superior results, I apply an extra seasonality filter that tells me the top 5% of stocks to trade each month in the market’s leading index.

Due to major technological, social and macroeconomic changes, the market is getting greedier than ever before… making now the perfect time to benefit from the power of the Greed Gauge.