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Overall Rating: 91 Strong Bullish

Action to take: BUY
Strong Bullish stocks are expected to outperform the market by 3X over the next 12 months.
Priced Based
Fundamental Based
Positive Factors (Top 20%)
Momentum: Strong-momentum stocks tend to outperform weak-momentum stocks.
Volatility: Low-volatility stocks tends to outperform high-volatility stocks.
Quality: High-quality stocks tend to outperform low-quality stocks.
Growth: High-growth stocks tend to outperform low-growth stocks.
Negative Factors (Bottom 20%)
Size: Stocks of the largest companies tend to lag the returns of otherwise equally-rated smaller companies.
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Texas is the largest oil-producing state. In 2020, it pumped 1.8 million barrels daily. The second-largest oil-producing state was a surprise.
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