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Strong Bullish stocks are expected to outperform the market by 3X over the next 12 months.
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Value: Low-valuation stocks tend to outperform high-valuation stocks.
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Growth: High-growth stocks tend to outperform low-growth stocks.
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Latest Insights on ETD

No. 1 Small-Cap Home Décor Power Stock
by Matthew Clark September 13, 2022 Stock Power Daily
The U.S. home decor market will top $200 billion by 2024. This market leader in home decor rates a 99 on our system.
woman charging EV EVs Need Copper: Canadian Miner to Crush Market
by Matthew Clark April 28, 2022 Stock Power Daily
Copper is critical for solar panels, wind turbines, EV engines and batteries. This Brazilian miner will crush the market as demand ramps up.
jobs report employment staffing stock KFRC April’s Dismal Employment Data Confirms the New Normal Many analysts were surprised by the recent employment report. Job growth was much slower than expected. Despite a recovery, more than 40% of workers in the beauty sector remain unemployed. That reflects changes in the industry. Policymakers need to use the time before benefits expire to understand the new normal and work to help employees in businesses that won’t ever recover.
Jerome Powell Federal Reserve jobs Closing Bell Closing Bell Closing Bell: Fed Chair Powell Attempts to Calm Investors, Markets Still Fall
by Matthew Clark February 28, 2020 Markets
Another day of losses come as Fed Chair Jerome Powell tries to assuage investor fears.
Interpol Carlos Ghosn Interpol Presses Lebanon to Arrest Fugitive Ghosn; Japan Raids Residence
by News Team January 2, 2020 News
Albert Sehran said the prosecution will “carry out its duties” by summoning Ghosn and listening to him.