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automaker stock Ford GM Stellantis A Mixed Bag of Automaker Stock Ratings
by Chad Stone September 22, 2023 Stock Power Daily
American autoworkers are threatening a larger strike. Here's how the Detroit Three automaker stocks rate as things shake out.
movie stock CNK MAT SONY 2 Will 3 Stocks Get a Summer Box Office Boost?
by Chad Stone July 14, 2023 Stock Power Daily
It's summer blockbuster season! Let's see how these three stocks stack up in Green Zone Power Ratings as people flock to the theater.
natural gas stocks hot summer stocks 3 Stocks for the Hottest Summer Ever
by Chad Stone July 7, 2023 Stock Power Daily
This is setting up to be the hottest season ever. Let's see if Green Zone Power Ratings can find some summer stocks to ride the trend.
recession fears loan-to-deposit ratio Loan-to-Deposit Ratio: Another Warning Sign for Banks
by Matthew Clark June 3, 2023 Investing
Over five days in March, three U.S. banks failed, triggering a steep drop in bank stock prices. Loan-to-deposit ratio hints at more to come.
Netflix Loses Investors After Underestimating Subscriber Turnout Netflix stock NFLX Are You Still Watching? Netflix Stock Power Deep Dive
by Fletcher Post October 17, 2022 Investing
Netflix Inc.’s sharp stock drop earlier this year was reminiscent of a scene straight out of a cosmic horror movie. Let's look closer.