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Overall Rating: 93 Strong Bullish

Action to take: BUY
Strong Bullish stocks are expected to outperform the market by 3X over the next 12 months.
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Fundamental Based
Positive Factors (Top 20%)
Momentum: Strong-momentum stocks tend to outperform weak-momentum stocks.
Volatility: Low-volatility stocks tends to outperform high-volatility stocks.
Quality: High-quality stocks tend to outperform low-quality stocks.
Growth: High-growth stocks tend to outperform low-growth stocks.
Negative Factors (Bottom 20%)
Size: Stocks of the largest companies tend to lag the returns of otherwise equally-rated smaller companies.
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COVID-19 forced retailers to adapt. Target stock (NYSE: TGT) is a buy as its business model should thrive with shoppers returning to stores.
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Money & Markets Week Ahead for May 17, 2021: Another big tech company, Squarespace Inc., is launching its initial public offering this week. This is another big week for earnings as retail outlets take center stage. I’ll examine Target Corp.’s (NYSE: TGT) earnings. We’ll also see how existing home sales were for April.
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Toss the Rolodex: Buy 1 Stock for the Tech-Fueled Sales World
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TechTarget Inc.'s (Nasdaq: TTGT) stock should soar higher as it boasts a solid business model and an elite list of Big Tech clients.