Over the decade-plus Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell spent designing trading strategies, many folks requested a simpler way to make extraordinary gains without using options or any kind of leverage.

And Adam listened.

Behind the scenes, he worked around the clock with his team for years to develop his most ambitious profit-producing system to date.

The best part? All you need is a basic brokerage account.

And what Adam has unlocked is mind-blowing…

On average — every year — for the past decade, over 100 stocks have made gains of 1,000%.

That means 100 chances to make gains of 1,000% or more … every year.

And while these 1,000% opportunities are hidden from the rest of the market, Adam designed his 10X Stocks system to spot them … over and over.

Gains like…

  • 1,200% on oil and gas company SilverBow Resources.
  • 1,700% on biotech company Fulgent Genetics.
  • 2,700% on drone tech pioneer Ageagle Aerial Systems.
  • 2,500% on smart EV maker Nio Inc.
  • 4,600% on home décor chain Kirkland’s Inc.
  • 5,600% on mobile data company FingerMotion Inc…

This system helps you target gains like this up to 12 times a year.

And it doesn’t matter which direction the market is heading … down, sideways or up. The 10X Stocks system will give you a chance at fortunes we know you’ll be excited about.

With an extra $100,000 in your hands just one year from now, imagine what you could use it for… 

You could set sail on a month-long vacation in the French Riviera…

Or maybe you’d splurge on the newest Tesla…

Or surprise a child or grandchild with an extra $1,000 when they visit you…

You could do all three.

As a member of 10X Stocks, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Adam’s special report, 10X Stocks Uncovered, which contains three additional stock recommendations primed to hit 1,000% in a year.
  • 24/7 access to the private members’ portal where you can review the model portfolio at any time.
  • Trade alerts: Whenever it’s time to make a trade, Adam will alert you via email, and you can sign up to receive text and push notifications when it’s time to check your inbox.
  • Top-level customer care for any questions you may have about the service.

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