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Apple has been relatively quiet on the artificial intelligence (AI) front, but that’s about to change.

I touched on it earlier this week, but Apple is gearing up for its next “iPhone moment” on June 10.

My colleague Ian King has been tracking Apple’s moves closely, and he’s now preparing his readers for the potential groundbreaking release of a new “AiPhone.” He’s already identified three stocks that are set to soar as Apple establishes a dominant role in the AI mega trend.

And to make sure that you’re in the loop, we wanted to share Ian’s recent commentary featured in Banyan Edge.

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AAPL Is Ready to Take the AI Crown

Amazon has a wealth of “smart” technology with its artificial intelligence (AI) Alexa. This includes the Echo and other Smart Home devices.

Google now has AI that summarizes Google search results at the top of your screen.

Samsung Galaxy AI has in-ear translations in your earbuds, so you don’t have to pass the phone back and forth anymore.

Meta AI enables users to do anything from creating ideas to getting help with an assignment or even generating art.

And just this week, Nvidia announced a new AI platform that will perform tasks at twice the speed of current microchip technology.

We’ve heard from almost every tech company about their AI strategy … except one.

So what company is about to change the entire landscape of AI?

It revolutionized computing and phones in the mid-2000s. And whenever it releases a new product on the market, it completely dominates over its competitors.

Blackberry, Palm and Zune … all are obsolete memories, thanks to the advent of the iPhone.

Yes, we’re talking about Apple.

Next week at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple could be about to unveil its AI strategy: a new AiPhone.

This “upgrade” would not only majorly disrupt the mobile phone industry but also the entire AI market — which could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Find out what’s going to happen when Apple steps into the AI arena in today’s video…

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Ian and Amber YouTube and the Apple AIPhone

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  • Crypto Corner: I share some highlights from Consensus 2024, the biggest crypto conference of the year. [11:18]
  • Investing Opportunity: Apple is about to make a huge announcement that could shift the AI market’s landscape. [15:08]

My brand-new webinar delves into the history of Apple’s success and why it’s about to make this big move into the AI space.

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