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More Than 10X … Less Than 3 Months … Here’s How

Today’s 10X Stocks update is a little different… I just released a special presentation about my Max Profit Alert option-trading service, and since you’re a member of this service … I know you’ll appreciate what I have to show you about Wall Street’s $7 trillion market and my “Money Code” strategy.

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Bitcoin Breakthroughs and a New Banking Crisis

It’s been nearly a month since 11 different spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) debuted on public markets … and the early results are interesting, to say the least. Instead of rallying higher, bitcoin prices have actually fallen around 5% since then. And our shares of leading crypto miner Marathon Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: MARA) have lost around 12% in 2024 after rocketing higher in the closing months of 2023.

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The Perils of Following Wall Street’s Laziest Advice

Like any good financial newsletter writer, I sometimes rail on Wall Street’s (laziest) advice — to buy a stock market index fund and call it a day. Indeed, over time, I believe I can do better for you. I believe you can do better for yourself. But sometimes the indexes do make so-called stock pickers and independent-thinking investors look silly.

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Why Your CSIQ Shares Jumped 19%

I added Canadian Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: CSIQ) to the 10X Stocks model portfolio in October of 2022 because it was the cheapest, high-growth solar stock out there. And it seems like the folks at BlackRock agree with me. On Tuesday of this week, BlackRock agreed to invest a full $500 million in Canadian Solar’s Recurrent Energy unit.

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