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Apex Portfolio Update & More Answers to Your Questions

We’ll start this week’s Apex Alert portfolio update by answering some of your recent questions before reviewing our portfolio. But before doing so, I need to say that not everyone will align with my answers. That’s because Apex Alert is not intended to account for every possible factor in the market. It’s simply a powerful strategy that has shown great results in the backtest. It is being implemented exactly as tested to maximize the probability of achieving similar results in the future.

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Your First Apex Alert Strategy Update

Welcome to your first Apex Alert weekly update. I’m excited that you’re now a part of our Apex Alert community! Yesterday, you should have received your first trade alert to buy Donnelley Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DFIN). My recommended action was to buy this position today. (You can read this trade alert here.) The stock is up today as I prepare this update.

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Your First “Apex Briefing” Call Is Starting Soon

This is a quick reminder that our first “Apex Briefing” live call is starting soon! I hope you’ll join us for it in the Trade Room today at 7 p.m. Eastern time. I’ll be hosting these live calls in the Trade Room at the start of each new Apex Profit Season before we enter every new Apex Alert position. During these calls, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions through the room’s interactive chat feature.

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