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Action to Take: Sell Gritstone Bio Inc. and Blueprint Medicines Corp.

My friend and research analyst Matt Clark shared an interesting article with me this morning. Researchers used the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT to take the three-part U.S. Medical Licensing Examination — the series of tests taken by medical school students to become doctors. ChatGPT passed all three parts … just barely … without being trained on the exams.

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Action to Take: Sell Shares of ESS Tech Inc.

Investors holding out for a potential “Santa Claus rally” in the market were sharply disappointed on Monday. The week started down five days after the Federal Reserve delivered a 50-basis-point short-term hike to interest rates. All three major indexes are poised to close out December on negative notes. As a result of the market turmoil, one of our renewable energy holdings reached its stop price, so we’ll follow our discipline and sell today.

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Action to Take: Sell Shares of Evogene Ltd.

Hopes of shaking off Monday’s slide were dashed on Tuesday as stocks sank for a second straight day. Investors have shifted focus from third-quarter earnings to gross domestic product and other economic data coming later in the week. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is expected to give remarks at the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy today. Investors will look for clues on future interest rate hikes in Powell’s words. As a result of the market turmoil, another of our genomics holdings has reached its stop price. So we’ll follow our discipline and sell today.

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Action to Take: Sell Shares of Daqo New Energy Corp.

In October, international investors pulled $7.9 billion out of China’s equity markets — the second-largest monthly drawdown in Chinese market history. The pullout picked up last week after Chinese President Xi Jinping won a third term as the country’s leader. Yesterday, the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index pared nearly all of its gains from a short rally last week. For the month, the index tracking Chinese-based stocks traded in the U.S. has fallen more than 25%.

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