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2 Actions to Take: Buy Green Energy Stock & Sell HEAR

The market has been volatile. This week, everyone’s waiting to see what the Federal Reserve will (or won’t) do at its final meeting of the year. Speculation has grown that it will begin more aggressive tapering, and rate hikes will come sooner than we expected. The volatility hit growth stocks hard. The present-day value of these stocks can change dramatically when interest rates change. Today, my team and I recommend that you take two actions alongside this volatility.

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Trade Alert (2 Actions): Sell Shares of STEM & RVP

Loss aversion is a bias that’s baked into the human psyche. It means that the losses we suffer hurt more than the (equally-sized) profits we make. Have you ever known someone who refuses to admit defeat? Someone who will “throw good money after bad,” in the prideful attempt to be a “winner” again? That’s the loss aversion bias in action. It makes investors who have poor emotional intelligence and discipline do stupid things.

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