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Why I Won’t Touch the Instacart (CART) IPO

In life and investing, it’s important to know “who you are,” and what you stand for. Part of that journey also involves probing the inverse — that is, knowing who you are not, and what you won’t do. I’ve always been hesitant to criticize investment strategies that I don’t follow. Just because I don’t try to make money with a particular methodology doesn’t mean it’s objectively bad, or that other investors can’t make it work for them. There won’t be “trash talk,” here.

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The Strategy You Know and Love … Supercharged

The idea is that by owning two stocks, each of which offers an 8% average annual return, but are uncorrelated … you can earn 8% a year, but with less volatility than if you’d simply bought just one of the stocks. Same return, less volatility — that’s the “free lunch.” But what no one will tell you is this: You’ll never get wealthy if you’re too diversified. A highly diversified portfolio is great if you’re already wealthy and want to stay that way. No single investment can sink your battleship.

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Taking Stock of the Green Zone Income Portfolio

Matt Clark here, chief research analyst of Money & Markets. I’m stepping in for Adam today, as he’s away for part of this week working on the launch of his brand-new artificial intelligence-based trading strategy. I’ll let Adam fill you in on more of the details as we get closer to launch later this month. But what I can tell you now is this… Adam’s developed a method that spends just 10 minutes a month trading stocks to outperform the likes of Ray Dalio, Cathie Wood and Warren Buffett … with annualized returns of 35%.

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The Best Stock for Today’s Oil Shock

Those who frequent the investment newsletter scene are forgiven for thinking a great stock must always have a compelling story behind it. After all, that’s the pretense that most newsletters, including this one, are sold on. But a great investment doesn’t always need to change the world. Matter of fact … sometimes boring is plain better.

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How to Play Both Sides of This Market

I sincerely hope you’re enjoying your Green Zone Fortunes subscription! My team and I put our very best into everything we do … from this introductory newsletter, to our premium research and trading services, to the live “trade room” sessions we’ve recently started. Now, I refer to Green Zone Fortunes as our “introductory” newsletter because we feel it’s the best place for new investors to start — whether that means you’re new to the Money & Markets community or new to investing in general.

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