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I Owe You an Update on My Latest Strategy

Last September, I gave you a sneak peek and early access to my newest strategy, Infinite Momentum Alert. If you’ve taken me up on my offer, I want to again say: “Thank you!” The initial response has been incredible and is a constant reminder of why I do what I do.

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Congrats on ROM! What’s Next for Tech…

Our supercharged technology sector play is firing on all cylinders! Congratulations to everyone who followed my initial November 14 recommendation to buy call options on the ProShares Ultra Technology ETF (NYSE: ROM). We recorded, for our model portfolio, profits of +53% on January 18 and +113% yesterday.

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2024’s New Trade Management in Action…

As I’ve explained over the last few weeks, we’ll be implementing a new trade management tactic for Max Profit Alert in 2024… In the past, we’ve relied primarily on my “runners” strategy to manage our successful positions. That strategy involves selling partial positions as our open gains increased, effectively locking in profits once we’re up between 50 and 100%.

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How Stops Will Maximize Our Profits in 2024

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday season with the ones you love. I’d normally join you in our trade room for a live Max Profit Alert portfolio review, but I’m on leave for a bit longer and helping out around the house with the newborn.

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Here’s What Happens When You Trade in 3’s

It’s the day after Christmas — and you know what that means! I hope you’re getting plenty of quality time with friends and family, plenty of tasty leftovers and Christmas cookies, and at least one good nap (OK, maybe two). Our offices are closed in observance of the Christmas holiday. But I still wanted to send you a weekly alert to wish you well for the holiday season — and update you on where Max Profit Alert is headed next year…

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