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Sit Tight, the Trend Is Still Bullish

The late-January pullback was something of a setback for bullish positions like ours. But so far in February it seems prices are recovering nicely. And unless I see a major shift in the market’s dominant trends — from bullish to bearish — we should continue to ride the current bull market and target market-beating sectors.

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Trade Alert: Two New Buys

The first comes from the communications services (XLC) sector, which rose to a top ranking on our Leaders & Laggards Board on January 14. At that time, I shared with you how the options pricing for the communications services sector ETF (XLC), as well as a number of its individual stock components, like Facebook and Google, were expensive.

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No Actions to Take this Week

We exited two positions last week. That turned out to be well-timed ahead of the recent pullback in stocks, which on the surface appears to be driven mainly by concerns over the coronavirus situation in China.

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Bullish Trends Persist

I certainly didn’t see that being the case a year ago when I was writing about my Bear Market Action Plan. But even as I said back then, keeping a flexible mindset is key to profitably adapting to the market’s ups and downs.

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