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Here’s What Happens When You Trade in 3’s

It’s the day after Christmas — and you know what that means! I hope you’re getting plenty of quality time with friends and family, plenty of tasty leftovers and Christmas cookies, and at least one good nap (OK, maybe two). Our offices are closed in observance of the Christmas holiday. But I still wanted to send you a weekly alert to wish you well for the holiday season — and update you on where Max Profit Alert is headed next year…

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Why We “Run”

I come from the “trend” school of thought, where the dominant mantra is: “Cut your losses short and let your profits run.” The idea here is that many of the trends a trader targets don’t pan out. But the ones that do can go on higher for longer than you might expect.

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Stay Tuned…

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend this Thanksgiving! I’ll keep today’s update short and sweet because a few key opportunities are still evolving into today’s market close.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to keep this week’s Max Profit Alert update on the short side due to the busy holiday week. I mentioned it in our trade room session yesterday, but this holiday season feels a bit different for my wife and me. That’s because our third child could make an early appearance at any moment! It’s exciting and discombobulating all at once. I even forgot it was Thanksgiving while talking to my neighbor over the weekend.

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Before You Buy Those Bonds…

One thing you may not know about my simple trend-and-momentum system at the core of Max Profit Alert… It can help you trade bonds. “Why would I ever want to trade bonds?” you ask. Well, because sometimes bonds are a better bet than stocks.

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