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IWM Strategy & Performance Review

Our interest rate model that follows iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSE: IWM) generates a lot of questions. I want to try to answer them today before we take a look at the portfolio. So let’s start with the IWM strategy…

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Details on IWM Positions and ORB Trades

Today, I’ll review our recent IWM signals and overall performance on our ORB trades from the Trade Room this week, but first… We had a couple of important questions come in this week, and I want to provide answers even though the answers might not be exactly what anyone wants to see.

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Your Questions Answered & Portfolio Review

I want to start today’s portfolio update by answering some question that we received this week. Martin W. asked about trading the interest rate model that follows iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSE: IWM). He specifically asked: Can you share more on how to execute this type of trade on the Fidelity platform? Are they two separate trades or one?

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