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No Trades This Week

On Friday, more than 75% of all stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange closed lower for the day. One of the rules of our systematic Wednesday Windfalls strategy is to only consider stocks that trader higher on the previous Friday. This is one of the ways we aim to avoid “catching falling knives” with our buys on Monday. As a result of Friday’s action and the overall lack of significant “pullbacks” in many stocks in recent weeks … our strategy hasn’t generated enough valid buy signals for us to act on this week.

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Trade Alert: Sell Calls on ICLN, BP & KEY

It’s shaping up to be one heck of a good week for us. It appears we’ll be able to lock in profits on all three of our positions with all of them likely to deliver gains of more than 100% … and one with gains of more than 250%! Of course, we’ll wait for our final exits before taking a victory lap. But I’m really glad to see our strategy firing on all cylinders this week! For now, let’s exit our open positions.

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Trade Alert: Buy Calls on ICLN, BP & KEY

If you have any interest in leaning into the so-called “energy transition” mega trend, having a closer look at the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (NYSE: ICLN) is as good a place to start as any. This BlackRock-sponsored exchange-traded fund (ETF) holds just over 100 individual stocks. You’ll see further toward the bottom of this alert the geographies it spans, as well as the industry groups it’s most heavily weighted in. I share this only as a “note of interest,” for anyone who may want to dig in a bit.

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Trade Alert: Sell Calls on WFC, VOD & IEP

Our position this week in Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) was about as lackluster and disappointing as my banking relationship with them has been over the years (joke!) … But roughly 4% and 5% increases in shares of Vodafone Group (Nasdaq: VOD) and Icahn Enterprises LP (Nasdaq: IEP) have worked nicely to give us a likely net profit for the week. At last glance, the WFC calls we bought are down just under 20%. But both the VOD calls and IEP calls are up more than 60%.

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