I just flew back from a cannabis investment conference in Las Vegas, where I spoke before a standing-room-only crowd.

Why is everyone so interested in cannabis?

Chart No. 1: America’s Appetite for Cannabis

It wasn’t that long ago that I told you how cannabis is getting bigger than baseball. Well, give it a couple of years, and you’ll see it grow bigger than a lot of other things:


Source: KushCo Holdings

By 2020, cannabis is going to be bigger than chocolate … bigger than organic food … bigger than wine!

In fact …

  • Retail cannabis sales are projected to reach more than $20 billion by 2020. And that’s just in the U.S. alone.
  • By 2026, the U.S. legal market is projected to grow to more than $80 billion.
  • Plus, since the cannabis business sparks activity in other parts of the economy, from lawyers to electricians, there could be an additional $75 billion of economic value by 2030.
  • Global legalization could lead to one billion consumers and a $500 billion annual market.


Chart No. 2: Why Big Pharma is Worried

This chart, from Emerald Health Therapeutics, shows common ailments and the cannabinoids that can be used to treat them:


Source: Emerald Health Therapeutics

In fact, study after study has already shown that many patients who use opioids, if given a choice, would rather use cannabis or some effective combination of cannabinoids.

What’s more, a study from the University of Georgia examined the costs of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit program in 2013 over 17 states. Researchers found a savings of $165.2 million in prescription costs from using cannabis.

So you can see why Big Pharma is worried. Some are being proactive — developing new drugs with cannabis or even artificial THC as an ingredient. And I think we could see a buying frenzy down the road, as the cash-rich pharma giants buy up promising cannabis-based drugs.

Now, my third chart. It’s really a table; one I’ve created for you.

Chart No. 3: Zoom-Zoom Growth

Look at these numbers:


It was only a couple years ago that states that had legalized marijuana were in the minority. It was only a few years before that, that fully HALF of Americans didn’t want marijuana legalized. Look at ’em now!

The legal market for marijuana is soaring, and is projected to double in a few short years. And the market for CBD is blasting off like a Saturn rocket!

Now you know why all those investors at the Las Vegas were so excited. They want a piece of this.

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