Assuming you haven’t become an ostrich and stuck your head in the sand for the past five days, you know this past week hasn’t been kind to investors.

Monday saw the Dow plunge 1,000 points. And that was just the start of a roller-coaster week. Investors are getting scared. They’re even throwing the proverbial baby (safer investments that are holding steady) out with the bath water (high-risk investments that gain big but lose even bigger).

Why? Because they’re trying to compensate for their losses. Short term? Sure, that’ll make your portfolio look a little better. But long-term, it’s not the best plan.

Better than running for the hills and becoming a market hermit, investors should look to low-volatility investments. These are safe-haven assets — like my favorite precious metal, gold.

Recently, I interviewed Brad Langille, the CEO of GoGold Resources (OTCQX: GLGDF). GoGold was already a great company. In fact, I own it in my personal portfolio. Now, the company has a new, high-grade silver project, Los Ricos, that Brad says is the best he’s seen in 20 years.

Here’s the interview …

The company is cashed up: They just raised C$25 million (U.S.$18.8 million) in a bought deal, which was oversubscribed. They have cash flow from their Parral Tailings Project.

The same management team successfully built and sold three previous companies. They’ll have a resource estimate on Los Ricos in April or May. And Los Ricos is high-grade. You know I like high-grade.

As you’ll see in the video, these guys discovered a “treasure map” to the previous operations at Los Ricos. That’s a head-start for anything they want to accomplish there.

You’re in charge of your own investment destiny. But in times of uncertainty, precious metals stand out from the pack as safe havens.

And when the time comes to scoop up small gold and silver producers, you might want to put GoGold on your shopping list. And that time should come sooner rather than later.

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