The Ron Paul Liberty Report’s Chris Rossini ripped into politicians in his latest editorial that explores how power in politics leads individuals to do ridiculous things to enrich themselves while in office supposedly serving their constituents.

Rossini argues that it all starts with the individual.

“Every end that an individual chooses, he chooses because, from his point of view, he believes it will improve his situation,” Rossini writes. “He prefers it to his current situation, otherwise he would not act. It matters not what the action itself happens to be.”

And it makes sense because everyone on this earth only has one life to live, so why wouldn’t someone want to better their own position? And Rossini believes there is only on simple rule when it comes to individual liberty.

“The chosen actions of each individual must not harm the person or property of any other individual,” he explains.

Politicians and Power

Things start to get hairy, though, when you throw politics and power into the mix.

“Politics and power say ‘You must do as I say, or I will use violent force against you,’” Rossini writes. “Politics and power are the attempted negation of individual liberty. They are always at war with human nature.”

Rossini knows you can never wage war with nature, because nature will always win.

“Power comes and goes. Nature remains as it always has,” he wrote.

So the only reason why anyone would use power is for personal gain.

Because a few INDIVIDUALS benefit from it!

Power is held by INDIVIDUALS.

These individuals who hold power (like the rest of us) are always acting. They are always choosing ends that from their point of view, will improve their own situation.

Rossini doesn’t like the justification that politicians are doing anything for the benefit of society, either, because society isn’t an entity, but only a collection of individuals — individuals that all have their own opinions and agendas.

Go next door to one of your neighbors and discuss political issues with him. You’ll quickly find out that both of you probably disagree on just about everything.

Which one of you represents “society”? If you represent “society,” where does that put your neighbor? Outside of “society”?

For most of us, you don’t even have to go next door. Family members in your own house will disagree with you about political nonsense.

And that’s where the deception comes in. Rossini believes politicians “have deceived people into believing that politicians represent hundreds of millions of people! Some even have the chutzpah to say they represent the globe!”

Politicians and Greed

money U.S. politicians Chris RossiniIn turn, he sees these individuals using their power to basically get whatever they want “at the expense of everyone else.”

“Is it any wonder that individuals with power help themselves to whatever they want?” Rossini asks. “Is it any wonder that politicians are amongst the richest people on the planet?”

Eventually, many realize that there’s so much money in politics, and Rossini calls it “the only game in town,” which just leads to “laws on top of more laws!”

But it’s not a road with without end, because eventually people wise up to the situation.

“When the pain is too great, enough people always come to realize that politics and power are a scam,” Rossini writes. “Enough people eventually realize that all the ‘society’ talk was just cover for a few to becoming filthy rich without serving anyone (but themselves).”

And the outcome?

“Enough people eventually rediscover (or discover for the very first time) the beautiful ideas of Liberty.”

Read Chris Rossini’s full editorial piece on The Ron Paul Liberty Report here.

Editor’s note: In your opinion how is it that politicians always seem to wind up filthy stinking rich by the time they leave office? Share your thoughts below.