The genomic revolution — let’s call it the DNA revolution — is going to be massive.

It’s already well underway.

And it goes far beyond healthcare.

In fact, I’m willing to bet the DNA revolution will be the single greatest wealth generator since the internet.

Even that it’ll be bigger than the internet.

It all comes down to …

The “Idea Multiplier”

I gave a speech at an investment conference in October 2019, where I pitched the idea that “DNA is the future of healthcare.”

Looking back, I undersold the revolution.

DNA is the future of everything.

See, a few months after I gave that talk in October 2019 … I attended another investment conference, where Vanguard’s Global Chief Economist, Joe Davis, presented on research his team of Ph.Ds. had just concluded.

In short, they sought to answer two big-picture questions about the future of technology.

  1. What is the current trajectory of technological innovation, and what impact will it have on global economic productivity?
  2. Which technologies, specifically, will have the biggest impact on the global economy ahead?

A concept they dubbed the “idea multiplier” was central to their approach. In layman’s terms, they were searching for technologies that led to, or allowed for, other new technologies — new technologies which, themselves, would, in turn, lead to or allow for a third-order level of technologies … and so on.

Simply put, the most impactful technologies are the ones that start as a single “idea” and then multiply their impact on humanity by giving way to hundreds, if not thousands, of other impactful ideas and technologies.

Well, get this …

Vanguard’s Ph.D. team concluded genomics will be the most impactful technology of them all.

They studied all the new disruptive technologies you’ve already heard about: electric vehicles, self-driving automobiles, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 3D printing … everything.

And while they estimated many of those sport “idea multipliers” of 50-to-1, 200-to-1, even 400-to-1 … genomics was given an idea multiplier of 3,000-to-1 … the biggest they’ve ever seen!

Think about it this way: CRISPR is the gene-editing technology that Science called the “Breakthrough of the Year” in 2015. This one technological advance in DNA science has already given way to hundreds of impactful and lucrative technologies. And when all’s said and done … it will pave the way for thousands of DNA-based innovations.

Innovations that will be commercialized into products and services. Innovations that will prove to be game-changing disruptors of many multi-trillion-dollar industries.

Just like we saw happen with …

The Internet

It’s hard to imagine life and business without the internet. It’s so intertwined into our daily lives we take it for granted.

But just a few decades ago, the internet was one idea … and a hard-to-fathom one at that. Most folks didn’t “get it” at all. And if they did, they suffered from a failure of imagination in underestimating just how impactful and far-reaching the internet would become.

internet stock Aviat Networks Inc. Ribbon Communications stock RBBNThe internet has had a massive “idea multiplier” impact on the global economy. This one idea paved the way for email, message board and video communications … for social media … for “Big Data” … for e-commerce … and so much more.

I’d argue none of the FAANGs would even exist today were it not for the internet. And yet, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google are among the most valuable and impactful companies of the current economy … an economy that’s now dubbed the “digital economy,” mind you.

And I’m predicting the DNA revolution will mirror the astronomical rise of the internet revolution.

It will pave the way for entirely new technologies, products, services and ways of doing business … just as the internet has done.

And as I said, it most certainly won’t be limited to the $8 trillion health care sector.

The DNA revolution will transform the $5 trillion agriculture industry … the $12 trillion retail food industry … the $11 trillion construction sector … and the $35 trillion manufacturing sector … to name a few obvious targets.

I’ll even go out on a limb and speculate that the next “hot-stock group” acronym — i.e., the FAANGs, today, or the BRICs, or the early 2000s — will consist of companies that are driving the DNA revolution forward and amassing huge fortunes along the way.

Most of these companies are going unnoticed today, just as the Intel’s and Cisco’s of the early-internet days were … until their stock prices began rising by several thousand percent!

Of course, this tends to happen with each new wave of technological innovation. It’s hard to fathom the potential in technologies that sounds and feel so “out there.” And while there are millions of dollars of profits to be made investing in the companies at the vanguard of a breakthrough technology, it’s only those investors who “get the vision” — and get invested early — who enjoy the spoils.

That’s why my Green Zone Fortunes team and I are doing our very best to share this opportunity with folks … while there’s still time to get in “early” and make the potentially massive profits that the Intel’s and Cisco’s made early investors of the internet revolution.

We’ve covered the DNA revolution on Money & Markets a good bit.

I’ve gone one step further and recorded a special presentation on this technology I call “Imperium.” Click here to watch it now

I’ll be frank — I didn’t make thousands of percents of profit on the Intel’s and Cisco’s of the late-90s internet boom. I was more focused on my biology and pre-med studies than on the stock market.

So I see the DNA revolution as a “second chance” to ride a massive, transformative and highly lucrative wave of innovation — one I expect will be as big or bigger than the internet.

I hope you’ll join me!

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Adam O’Dell is the chief investment strategist of Money & Markets and has held the title of Chartered Market Technician for nearly a decade. He is the editor of Green Zone Fortunes, the trend and momentum options-trading powerhouse Home Run Profits and the time-tested switch system 10X Profits.