As markets drag lower, you might be eyeing safe havens to protect your wealth.

Gold has been king of this realm for centuries. But bitcoin is making a strong case in 2022.

Being an investor is tough right now.

The three major U.S. indexes are down between 8% and 15% since the start of 2022!

But it’s not time to panic sell or buy.

As Green Zone Fortunes co-editor Charles Sizemore and I said in a recent YouTube video, now is a great time to be tactical.

In times of market volatility, that means seeking out assets that will retain or even increase their value when things are rocky … these assets are known as safe havens.

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I compare two of the biggest safe-haven assets on the market today: gold and bitcoin.

And I share with you which one is the safer buy now.

Gold vs. Bitcoin: Timely Case Study 

When the broader market tumbles, many investors flee to safe havens like bonds or precious metals.

They are looking to retain (or even increase) their hard-earned wealth.

For centuries, gold has been a major safe haven for investors.

However, over the last five years, a new player has joined the game: cryptocurrencies.

This is because cryptos aren’t linked to any macroeconomic factors or tied to a central currency. That’s why you’ll often see cryptos described as “decentralized.”

As markets turned down in the last several weeks, the argument over bitcoin versus gold as a safe haven has become more relevant.

gold vs. bitcoin ratio

This is the bitcoin/gold ratio tracked over the last year. On the surface, it may not tell us a lot, but it has a compelling (and timely) story … considering current market conditions.

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I tell you what this chart tells us and how you can use it to find the right safe-haven asset between bitcoin or gold.

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