Our Cannabis Watchlist will look a little different as today marks High Tide Inc.’s first day of trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

And I have some exciting news for our future on YouTube as part of this Marijuana Market Update bonus episode.

We already knew about High Tide’s plan to move away from the over-the-counter market, but now it’s official after it was approved on Friday. Its new ticker symbol on the Nasdaq is HITI.

The transfer from HITID to HITI should be seamless. If you own shares of HITID, those shares will simply convert to HITI today. There will be no change in the value of your shares as they move from one market to the other.

This is exciting news for our Cannabis Watchlist, but High Tide had to jump through a few hoops to make it happen. Here are the requirements for listing on the Nasdaq:

  • Have 1.25 million public shares held by at least 550 shareholders.
  • Have a collective market value of $45 million.

The Nasdaq move was one of the biggest reasons High Tide recently consolidated its shares through a reverse split.

And the move should open some new doors for High Tide, which is great news for its investors.

High Tide’s Nasdaq Listing: A Benefit for Investors

High Tide on the Nasdaq means more visibility and more liquidity.

Moving to the Nasdaq should attract a broader pool of investors to the stock, which infuses more money into the company and moves the stock price even higher.

To note: High Tide is the first pure cannabis company to earn approval to list on the Nasdaq.

Since the announcement of its approval, High Tide shares have jumped more than 27%!

Moving to the Nasdaq could drive its stock price even higher. That is big news for our Cannabis Watchlist!

If you have any questions about High Tide’s move or any of our Cannabis Watchlist stocks, feel free to email me at feedback@moneyandmarkets.com.

Big YouTube Announcement

The Money & Markets team has been working hard on something special. We are enhancing the community we have built with a new membership feature on our YouTube channel

Nothing that you see on the channel now is going to change. I will still bring cannabis market insights each and every week.

And you can still look forward to these weekly video features:

  • Ask Adam Anything.
  • Marijuana Market Update.
  • Investing With Charles.
  • The Bull & The Bear.

But we will start providing even more valuable cannabis market content each and every week through our new membership feature. And that means a lot of new and exclusive content like:

  • Interviews with cannabis insiders.
  • Blog posts and company breakdowns.
  • More content focused on our Cannabis Watchlist.
  • A monthly live chat with me, and more.

After hammering out the final details, our new YouTube join feature will be live later today! Keep an eye on our channel and here on Money & Markets for more information on how you can join us.

That said, I want to thank all of you who watch our videos each and every week. We do it because we want to bring you the best insights into cannabis and investing.

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