Billionaire bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach picked Donald Trump to win the 2016 election and he’s sticking with his horse for 2020, slamming the entire Democratic primary field at the Sohn Conference this week, saying “short them all.”

Gundlach, the CEO of the $130 billion DoubleLine Capital and so-called “King of Bonds,” took shots at former Vice President Joe Biden, calling the Democratic front-runner “the Rasputin of politics — the guy who won’t go away.”

“Now Joe is grabbing the spotlight … but no, Joe, I don’t want you grabbing my shoulders and giving me an Eskimo kiss,” Gundlach said.

Gundlach then took aim at former U.S. congressman from Texas Beto O’Rourke, calling him a “snowflake” and saying his real name is Robert.

“Then you got this snowflake posing with a skateboard in front of a bounce house. How perfect is that? Other than he’s 46 years old,” Gundlach said. “Actually, that’s too old to be a snowflake. If he were to win the White House, they would be mailing his AARP card to the Oval Office during his first term.”

He also called Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a “tornado of anger and insincerity” who comes up with one “crazy giveaway and soak-the-rich-scheme” after another.

“I mean who wants four years of this? Who wants even four hours of this? It’s like being trapped with the mother in law from hell. I say short Elizabeth Warren.

“Even as the Democratic Party has descended into vilifying success and even rags-to-riches hard-earned wealth unbeknownst to most people, there are no fewer than a dozen Democratic hopefuls who want to hide the fact they are one-percenters themselves,” Gundlach said. “But we’re not talking about income here, one-percenters, we’re talking about polling.”

As for Andrew Yang, Gundlach showed a picture of him in a hat that reads “MATH,” and slammed his universal basic income plan.

“You can see he has a signature hat with the slogan ‘MATH.’ Are you kidding me? You really think you’re going to get ahead with the slogan ‘MATH.’ Most people hate math!” Gundlach said. “The thing about the ‘MATH’ that is Yang isn’t any good at math. His ‘Freedom Dividend,’ which is what he calls the free money, he doesn’t seem to know it’s mathematically impossible given the backdrop of our already out of control deficit spending.”