Former Secretary of State John Kerry has recently admitted to going behind the back of the current administration to meet with top Iranian officials and salvage a nuclear deal nullified by President Donald Trump. What does Kerry think he’s doing out there?

Is he trying to help Iran continue to receive billions of dollars and resurrect a badly negotiated nuclear deal the current administration was right to quash?

Those billions of dollars we later learned ended up in the hands of deadly terrorists.

What does Kerry think he’s doing? Mr. Navy hero may have seemed to have lost his way on the political stage, never being able to move above Senator. This must be weighing on his self-importance ego.

The life and family of General Michal Flynn were destroyed when it was revealed he spoke with Russian officials before Trump appointed him as National Security Advisor. It had to be because Trump did the impossible and won the election. There had to have been some illegal, covert goings-on.

President Trump sure seems to think so.

Yet John “Swift Boat Hero” Kerry gets to run around freely trying to undermine the current administration by visiting and speaking with a leader of a country that sponsors terrorism, and whose sworn declaration is wiping out the West.

If Flynn, a good man whose career was ruined, was in violation of the Logan Act, and met unofficially with foreign officials of a country in a direct dispute with the United States as opined by two lawyers in 2017, why isn’t Kerry? How is this not seen as a more egregious act?

Why aren’t silver bracelets being slapped on Mr. Kerry? The experience may even give him a chance to embellish for another book.

Here’s a suggested title: “A Hero Behind Bars.” That should cover ego and publicity.

Iran has shown no signs of letting up terror-plotting around the world. It’s hard to tell if Kerry is Neville Chamberlin-stupid, looking to become relevant again or just to grease his ketchup-stained palms.

At least he’s giving Iranian officials what-for with stern dialogue.:

“I’ve been very blunt to Foreign Minister Zarif. I told him, ‘Look, you guys need to recognize the world does not appreciate what’s happening with missiles, what’s happening with Hezbollah, what’s happening with Yemen,'” Kerry recounted. “You’re supporting an ongoing struggle there.”

Bravo, Mr. Kerry. You have them on the ropes.

Trump is right to not take any meetings with Iran’s terrorist regime. Iran also has stated no interest in pursuing talks with this current administration.

So, Kerry remains our U.S. knight in shining armor with his purple hearts flashing proudly on his lapels (he must have worn his cape that day in Vietnam, receiving not one but three purple hearts and being in-country just four months. Not so much as a limp or a day of duty missed).

President Trump needs to keep saying “no” to Iran.

Then send the dogs after John Kerry before some real damage is done.