Beginning this afternoon and running every Thursday, Money and Markets will feature a free cannabis news podcast called Marijuana Markets: A POTcast, featuring Banyan Hill analyst Anthony Planas.

Each Thursday afternoon, the podcast will bring investors the top cannabis news in bite-size form to keep you up to date.

Planas has been covering the cannabis sector looking for the best opportunities for his listeners and readers at Banyan Hill.

“Mainstream news sources do a poor job of covering the marijuana market,” Planas said. “And many online sites serve up misinformation to inflate stock picks. That leaves investors in a difficult position. The news they rely on for investing can be difficult to find at best, or biased and slanted at worst.

“In my weekly Marijuana Markets: A POTcast, I cover news in the sector most relevant to investors. I also break down exactly what the newest earnings reports mean for key players.”

Planas will review the companies listeners are most interested in, and he invites you to leave comments with the names of companies you want to hear about most, in addition cannabis legalization news — which is of the utmost importance for cannabis sector investors.

“Marijuana is legal in Canada and medicinally in more than 30 states in the U.S. Every year, more and more states and nations are opening up to medical and recreational marijuana,” he said. “There is a massive opportunity here in this booming industry. Beyond the recreational market, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD, is used therapeutically in health and wellness products.

“I invite readers to join me on my free weekly Marijuana Market Update. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and join the conversation by leaving a comment. Every Thursday I will serve up the news you need to know to successfully invest in the booming marijuana market.”

Check back each Thursday afternoon for Marijuana Markets: A POTcast, here on Money and Markets. In addition to Planas’ YouTube channel, and his article feed at, you can also follow along each day on Twitter @ThePotStockGuru, where Planas serves up his takes on the most important news in cannabis investing.

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