The stock market went up a full 100% from 2012 to 2021. Most people are content with these results … some are even happy.

However, during this exact same time, there was an elite group of people who were more than happy…

They were thrilled.

Because they had the chance to use a small amount of money to make all of these additional big wins along the way. And the gains they had the chance to make on special trades over the last several years are nothing short of spectacular…

Some of are in the 200% range…

Some are in the 300% range…

Some are even in the 400% range…

These gains came so fast they had the chance to sell half their position for a quick profit while the other half continued to soar higher.

And these triple-digit gains are just the start.

In all, this elite group saw 83 wins during this time … including gains in the single digits, and several in the double digits.

It didn’t take long for these gains to come in either … just 71 days, on average, to get in and out of these trades.

And here’s the best part: They were able to spot these max profits in bull markets … flat markets … and even throughout a volatile period like 2020…

They were even able to spot these max profits in bear markets.

The early results are so powerful, it’s now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Meaning nobody else … no Wall Street firm, no institutional bank, no elite investor … nobody, will be able to take advantage of this strategy, other than those in the Max Profit Alert community.

And the architect of this strategy, Adam O’Dell, is so confident in this patent pending upgrade, he’s betting that you’ll average a 100% winner every month … forever.

Yes, you read that right. This strategy is so powerful Adam is betting that you’ll average a 100% winner every month.

Here’s what some members of the Max Profit Alert community have to say…

Valerie Brock wrote:

I’m relatively new to trading options. I’m just starting my second year of Max Profit Alert. I’m learning a lot. AND I’ve average about 56% profit on the trades I’ve made in the 14 months following you. Keep up the great work.

Carol Smart is another example. After six months of trying it out, she wrote:

I’m finding Max Profit Alert to be very easy to follow.

She continued:

I’m quite happy with the results. I have 15 winners ranging from 40% to 340% out of the 18 trades. Losses have been well within my 2% risk parameter with only 1 trade actually hitting it.

And once you become a member of the Max Profit Alert community, you gain instant access to a number of tools that are key to knocking your profits out of the park.

Max Profit Alert includes:

  • Trade alerts: Exclusive access to the patent pending strategy trade alerts. The moment Adam gets a buy signal — and after he and his team have personally vetted it — he’ll issue a trade alert. You’ll get an email with all the details behind the trade including all of his supporting research. In addition, if you want, Adam will also send a short text message that simply alerts you that there has been a trade alert and to check your email.
  • The model portfolio: This is a quick snapshot of all the open positions. We track how your investments are doing on our members-only website. This gives you a tally on how much your money has grown on our current recommendations. Any time you’re curious about open positions, just log in and check the model portfolio.
  • Weekly updates: Every Tuesday, Adam will even give you his expert analysis on the markets as a whole. This way, you’re never left in the dark.
  • Maximizing Profits With Options: This five-part video series covers everything you need to know about investing with options.
  • The Strategy Report: The Secret to 90-Day Profits: Adam dives deeper into how his Max Profit Alert system helps him identify these massive triple-digit winners every month. Plus, you’ll discover how you can profit in bull, flat and bear markets.
  • The Simple Way to Profit From Green Zone Stocks: Adam shows you exactly how he uses his Green Zone Ratings system to recommend 100% winners every month.
  • Dynamic customer service: You will gain access to Adam’s customer service team. These are a group of trained representatives who can help you out with any questions you have about your subscription.

Have we piqued your interest? to learn how you can join the Max Profit Alert community.