Prime Minister Theresa May has a deal in place for Brexit, but that’s using the term “deal” loosely.

“Leaving is our golden opportunity to take a cue from our economically savvy friends across the Pond and “Make Britain Great Again.”

A “deal” generally connotes you get more than you bargained or hoped for, and that’s not what the U.K. is getting.

In fact, former UKIP leader and one of the creators of Brexit, Nigel Farage, says the deal is nothing more than a total sell-out and “the worst deal in history.”

Per the Gatestone Institute:

This “deal” will cost the British taxpayer, £60 billion (about $76,491,600,000 billion U.S.); require that the British still comply with EU rules without having any say in what those will be, and worst of all, it permits the British to leave the EU only if the EU agrees. As Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and one of creators of Brexit, asks, “Why should it?”

This “deal” effectively commits the British to subjugation by the EU in perpetuity, with no recourse should the British change their mind. It is a prison. It is also the first step of the EU toward its dream of global governance: unaccountable, untransparent, unelected by the public, and with no way out.

The French will still be able to fish in British waters, and the Spanish will claim that the UK will have to open talks on the sovereignty of Gibraltar. As Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said, “Once the UK has left the EU, Gibraltar’s political, legal and even geographic relationship with the EU will go through Spain…”

New trade barriers would also be put in place between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, fundamentally undermining the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom.

That hardly sounds like a good deal at all and, to make matters worse, Britain can’t even leave the agreement without the EU’s permission, giving the country less sovereignty than it has now.

The “deal” as it now stands is nothing more than a surrender to the EU, the Germans, the French and the Spanish. We shall remain in the Customs Union; the transition period could be extended beyond two years; the “backstop” can only end with EU agreement; the EU will still control our laws and there will be customs checks in the Irish Sea; Northern Ireland will be treated differently, and we will be paying £60 billion to be able not to walk out the door.

So what’s the solution to May’s “surrender?”

The solution is No Deal. Without any further action, the UK’s membership of the EU will lapse on March 29, 2019, and unless that majority can unite around a viable alternative, we will leave, and be free of the EU.

Even better, the UK would be out of the EU with no strings attached and no agreement in place. According to a House of Lords report, there would be no legal obligation for the UK to make any payment as part of a financial settlement.

With no new trade agreement with the EU, the rules of the World Trade Organization would apply and Great Britain would be free to sign trade agreements around the world as soon as it could finalize them.

Those peddling confusion — including the BBC — will talk in terms of “crashing out” with no deal — invoking images of cars overturned, planes ablaze and people screaming.

They are wrong. We will not crash anywhere. We are British. We will leave politely, without a deal, and apologize when someone else stands on our foot.

We will not run out of drinking water, bacon sandwiches, insulin or ferries. Online marketers would smell an opportunity and in an instant fill it for profit. There is whole world market out there, not just Europe. Leaving is our golden opportunity to take a cue from our economically savvy friends across the Pond and “Make Britain Great Again.”

So, dig in deep for a No Deal Brexit. Do not let your MP capitulate to May’s Surrender.

A No Deal Brexit is exactly what most of us voted for. All we need now is a leader prepared to deliver it.