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Do you remember what you were doing on October 6, 2021?

That day, stocks across the board were down more than 5% from their highs and struggling to gain ground.

The breathless media coverage of the Chinese Evergrande crisis was at a fever pitch…

And if it wasn’t that, it was think pieces on the debt ceiling and the Democrats’ new infrastructure bill…

It seemed like the bears were coming out of their long hibernation. And investors were staring at the headlines, impatiently waiting for some good news to send the markets higher.

It was a scary time. A lot of everyday investors were probably looking at their portfolios with a bad feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

But I knew better…

The Only Market Guide That Matters

You see, I don’t rely on news headlines, investor sentiment, or anything like that to guide my trading decisions. That’s all just noise.

Instead, I rely on data.

Data gives us a cold, hard look at patterns that emerge in the market and the best ways to take advantage of them.

And with this focus, I’ve invented a number of trading strategies that completely changed my approach to investing…

One strategy spots income opportunities from the options market and holds a success rate north of 90%.

Another takes advantage of a proven dynamic that occurs in specific companies around earnings reports, which has shown gains as high as 500%.

But the one I want to discuss today is perhaps the best one yet: the “Profit Radar.”

This proprietary market timing tool is a way for me to see which indexes, sectors, and even individual stocks are about to make explosive moves… Either to the upside or downside.

It’s based on the Relative Rotation Graph, a method of comparing the performance of any asset against another.

By comparing multiple bank stocks like Chase and Wells Fargo to the whole financial sector, for instance, we can see which of these stocks is best positioned to lead the sector.

But I’ve taken that Relative Rotation Graph and tuned it using proprietary code to give me a zoomed-in look at which stocks are about to lead the market.

Let me show you an example…

Once again, think about the state of the market on October 6: 5% off the highs, scary headlines about Evergrande and the debt ceiling, all that.

But my Profit Radar showed me something different…

Fast Lane Profits chart

Source: Optuma.

Remember, the Profit Radar looks at the selected stock, or basket of stocks, compared to a broader index. It gives us a relative look at where this asset is headed.

Here, we have the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA) relative to a global market index.

Before we go on, there are two aspects to the Profit Radar you need to understand — the black circle at the center, and the four colored quadrants.

The black circled area represents what I like to call the slow lane. When an asset is trading in this circle, it’s trading similar to the broader global index.

But when it’s beyond that, it means it’s moving further away and at a faster pace.

We want to be bullish on assets as soon as they cross outside of the slow lane and enter the fast lane of the market.

So as you can see above, back on October 6, DIA had just dipped into the slow lane briefly, then pulled away again by moving outside the black circle. And it moved from the “weakening” yellow quadrant at the bottom right and back into the green leading quadrant.

This is one of the most bullish signals my Profit Radar can produce.

Once I saw this occur, especially as the mood from the media and investors was tilted so bearish, I knew we had a great trade setup.

So I told my subscribers to buy a call option on DIA.

And just two days later, from the low of the day on October 6, DIA had popped nearly 3%, and those call options were up 141%.

The Profit Radar helped us more than double our money in just two days … and outperformed the market by 47X.

Ignore the Headlines — Data Is King

This is why data is king, in my book.

All we needed to see was this reliable signal take place — of an index moving into the fast lane — to hand us our trade setup.

We didn’t have to worry about what’s happening in DC, or China, or anywhere else. It was irrelevant.

And the thing is, this is just one of countless potential Profit Radar setups. Want to see which gold stocks are doing the best when the gold ETF, GDX, is having a good day? We can do that.

Want to see which oil stocks will do the worst when the price of oil eventually falls? That we can do as well.

That’s why I call it my Profit Radar. It’s a way of detecting the biggest profit opportunities in the market at any given moment.

And for the first time ever, I’m releasing a brand-new strategy that uses it.

Find the Fast Lane to Gains

Fast Lane Profits is here.

In my brand-new options trading advisory, I use this Profit Radar as a tool to draw multi-bagger gains out of the markets.

I’ve been testing it with some of my veteran subscribers throughout this year, and there are some real standout trades…

Using this system, we’ve captured gains like 158% on CSCO in 5 days… 246% on DK in a single trading session… even 308% on IWM in just eight days.

You can watch my brand-new presentation showing you how it works here.

Listen, buying stocks has been a can’t-lose play this year. The S&P is up over 26% as of this writing, and that’s frankly astounding. It’s more than double the index’s long-term average return.

But we’ve seen plenty of volatility along the way. And even with that superb gain, that’s not really enough to move the needle on a small trading account.

That’s why I research trading systems like my Profit Radar. I aim to produce market-beating returns in a fraction of the time it would take by just buying and holding an index fund. And with this recent innovation, I’m all but certain I’ve cracked the code to doing it consistently.

If this sounds like something you’d like to trade with, click here to watch my presentation now.


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