Business Insider’s Michael Gordon writes in a recent op-ed that the U.S. Supreme Court has “lost its halo” in recent times, but with the decision to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns the group of nine justices “can bring the historic moments in its rearview to the fore once again.”

Gordon argues that some of the most consequential decisions the Supreme Court has made have been unanimous, and there is great power in that unanimity. Two examples of this were in the cases Brown v. Board of Education and United States v. Nixon.

“In both cases, the power of a Court ruling unanimously and without partisanship helped cement a piece of US history,” Gordon writes in his Business Insider piece.

But unanimous decisions have fallen out of fashion when it comes to “hot-button” political topics, even though they are still used.

“Now it is true that, since 2000, a plurality of Supreme Court cases have been unanimous — but the unanimous decisions tend to be of less import to our politics and the issues driving the partisan divide,” writes Gordon.

When it comes to Trump’s tax returns, Gordon thinks “it is important that the American public see his returns.” And the Supreme Court’s decision “can redefine its role in this era.”

“If the Supreme Court can hold this President accountable and do so unanimously, it will add to its credibility in these polarizing times,” Gordon argues.

“There would be no more striking example of the independence and integrity of the Court than a unanimous decision here.”

But Gordon doesn’t even think there will be any political impact given Trump’s grasp on the GOP. “And even with the Supreme Court stamp, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump finds another end-around given his success in rewriting rules without consequence.

“With that said, I almost don’t care what decision the Supreme Court reaches, as long as all nine are unified. If a group of diverse Justices can find a way to reach true consensus on an issue central to our governance, it will shine the first light during a dark period for the rule of law.”

Editor’s Note: Do you think it’s important that the Supreme Court comes to a unanimous decision — whether to release or not to release — Trump’s tax returns? Share your thoughts below.