In this episode of The Bull & The Bear podcast, Charles and I have two more stocks to buy.

Surging bond yields had the market moving down through most of this week.

You might be worried we are facing another stock market crash like we witnessed a year ago, but it’s too early to make that call. In fact, investors moving out of tech and into other sectors drove a lot of the movement. It was more of a rotation — not a sell-off.

And that means we are still actively looking for safe and profitable investments for you to make today.

That’s part of the beauty of Adam’s Green Zone Ratings system. You can use it to find the best stocks, regardless of market conditions.

This week, Green Zone Fortunes co-editor Charles Sizemore and I have two fantastic picks for you.

One of these companies carries a 90 rating on Adam’s six-factor system!

It ranks high in growth (95), momentum (87) and quality (85).

We are “Strong Bullish” on both of these companies, which means their stocks are set to outperform the broader market by three times in the next 12 months.

Check out our picks for this week!

2 “Strong Bullish” Stocks to Buy

1. Boot Barn Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BOOT)

  • Back in his home state of Texas, Charles is going with Boot Barn Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BOOT). The company operates western apparel stores that sell boots, jeans, hats and other accessories. BOOT has great momentum as investors rotate into traditional value stocks.

2. FARO Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO)

  • I’m still very bullish on smart tech stocks, despite this week’s pullback. I am picking FARO Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO). It’s a company that specializes in three-dimensional measurement, imaging and realization systems. FARO boasts “Bullish” ratings on five out of six factors within our system!

Watch or listen to this episode of The Bull & The Bear now to see why each of these stocks made our shortlist this week.

And if you missed last week’s episode, we highlighted infrastructure, semiconductors and health care stocks to buy. Check it out here.

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