After months of waiting on the sidelines, I’m learning how to use artificial intelligence (AI).

I think of it like deciding to buy the new iPhone the day it comes out… you can, but you know there will be bugs, and it’s expensive. Waiting means I get better quality at a lower price.

Adopting AI has been a slow process, but I recognize the fact that this technology is here to stay. And it’s going to be more critical in our daily lives.

My eyes were opened after reading an article in Bloomberg about how banks could use AI to increase their earnings by $340 billion annually.

This goes deeper than just AI-based stock plays (think semiconductors, edge computing stocks, etc.). It speaks to how we do business, complete simple tasks and even communicate.

Today, I’m looking at how Wall Street is fully embracing AI and how Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell is incorporating it into his own strategies here at Money & Markets.

McKinsey Report Opens Eyes on AI

Bloomberg cited a report published by research firm McKinsey Global Institute.

While the timeframe for full adoption of AI into the workplace was unclear, the fact remains that sectors of the market are exploring how AI can help them become more efficient.

It told me that AI is coming whether you like it or not. In my mind, it was time to jump on the train rather than be left at the station.

Banks are already experimenting with using AI…

Goldman Sachs Inc. (NYSE: GS) is using an AI tool to automate coding. Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) has used AI to comb through thousands of pages of capital rules in an effort to simplify them for human consumption.

This allows employees to spend more face time with clients.

And many other Wall Street sectors are using AI to help with other avenues like fraud detection and performance reviews.

While the process of implementing AI is still slow — companies are struggling with engineering the correct prompts to get the most out of AI — the fact remains that AI isn’t going anywhere.

And the numbers back that up:

The global AI market was worth more than $207 billion in 2023. Forecasts project the market value rocketing to $1.8 trillion by 2030.

That's a 765.4% increase in market value in only seven years!

It's further proof that AI is going to become a more integral part of our daily lives in the years to come.

How Adam Uses AI

I've worked with our chief investment strategist, Adam O'Dell, for several years now.

He's a smart guy.

He knows how to spot trends and, more importantly, how to capitalize on them.

One trend he recognizes is that Wall Street is all over AI… using it for the functions I mentioned above, for algorithmic trading… and more.

We're all taking a crack at it.

From using ChatGPT to write emails to using other AI programs to develop code in Python, everyone is getting into the AI craze.

And Adam recognized that there's more than one way to get into the trend. You don't have to necessarily go out and gobble up AI stocks — in truth, most AI pure-play stocks don't rate well on his proprietary Green Zone Power Ratings system.

Instead, he's using AI to tap into a $7 trillion market that's the stomping grounds of Wall Street's most elite.

He'll reveal it all on Thursday…

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Until next time…

Safe trading,

Matt Clark, CMSA®
Research Analyst, Money & Markets