Wednesday at 2 p.m.…

It’s a boring time in the middle of “hump day.”

But when you join Wednesday Windfalls, we virtually guarantee it will become your favorite time of the week…

A moment that gets your heart racing every time it comes around.

We open a simple new trade every Monday at 2 p.m. and close it every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

It’s that simple!

And better yet, this easy-to-follow trade has the potential to make you 10 years’ worth of gains in a single 48-hour trading window

It’s a big claim. But in just six months, we hit these top-performing winners on our best trades using this simple strategy in our beta test…

  • NKLA — 439% in two days.
  • XLE — 388% in two days.
  • XLI — 197% in two days.
  • XLP — 179% in two days.
  • XLU — 234% in two days.
  • AAOI — 104% in two days.
  • IWM — 104% in two days.
  • TTM — 400% in two days.
  • HRL — 233% in two days.
  • JD — 241% in two days.
  • SPWR — 134% in two days.
  • TLRY — 191% in two days.
  • IQ — 191% in two days.
  • UBER — 178% in two days.
  • GE — 309% in two days.

That’s an average triple-digit winner of 235% in two days!

It’s unheard of. But we assure you, this is real.

Chief investment strategist Adam O’Dell has discovered a trading “sweet spot” where the market is proven to outperform every week.

You get in on Monday at 2 p.m. Eastern, and you’re out by Wednesday at 2 p.m.

In that time, you have the chance to land a breathtaking triple-digit winner!

Adam set out with a single-minded goal: to create the pre-eminent trading research service in the world.

That meant nothing but the best would do — in its ability to help you make money, in convenience and the benefits you receive as a member.

Because we think you deserve the best. And with Wednesday Windfalls, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

When you join, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Your first trade, this coming Monday: As a new member, you’ll get the details on how to execute this trade, and why Adam is recommending it, sent straight to you this coming Monday at 2 p.m. Eastern.

    When you get that alert, just follow the simple instructions inside to place the trade. And then on Wednesday, you will get another alert at 2 p.m. with instructions on closing the trade.

    And with a few minutes’ effort, you could be cashing out your first triple-digit windfall.

  1. A full year’s worth of windfall trade recommendations: Over the next 12 months, Adam will send you a trade alert every Monday the markets are open at exactly 2 p.m.
  1. Video analysis of each trade in Adam’s “Weekly Trade Wrap:” Each Thursday, Adam will spend five minutes breaking down our weekly trade. He’ll go over the setup, the Monday-to-Wednesday period we were in the trade, as well as the close.

    He’ll give you lessons to take away from each week, whether you’re deciding what luxury to reward yourself with after another winner or we’ve had a down week and are gearing up to go again in a few days’ time.

  1. New video series: “3 Simple Steps to Banking a Windfall Every Wednesday:” This 3-video primer series will give you a more detailed look at the method behind Wednesday Windfalls, along with how to set up the trades.

    Watch this before your first trade next Monday, and you’ll be ready to execute on Adam’s trade instructions like a seasoned pro … no matter your current experience level. You’ll know exactly how to place the trade. You’ll know what to expect while you’re in the trade. And you’ll have the exact details you need to close it out…

  1. Members-only website: This is where you can access all the resources we provide: Your video primer, your weekly video trade updates … plus, you’ll get access to our Model Portfolio, where we will log all our past trades.
  1. VIP concierge service: If you have any questions about the service, just call our friendly customer care team, and you’ll get the same kind of service you get at the desk of a 5-star hotel.

This is everything you need to hit the ground running this Monday … and to start banking Wednesday Windfalls even if you’ve never placed a single trade in your life.

Click here to find out more about Wednesday Windfalls — and change your life right now.