In this week’s Marijuana Market Update, I dive into a couple of cannabis stocks that a viewer wrote in about: Aurora Cannabis Inc. (Nasdaq: ACB) and Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF).

William wrote me at and asked:

I am wondering if there are any cannabis stocks worth buying now. I was looking at Aurora Cannabis and Harvest Health. Are these a buy now as they have been hit hard?


William, thanks for your question.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies to get an answer.

Aurora Cannabis (Nasdaq: ACB) Analysis

First up is Aurora Cannabis, an all-encompassing company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

ACB sells dried cannabis, oil, capsules and topical kits to international consumers.

Aurora’s brands include:

  • Aurora.
  • Aurora Drift.
  • San Rafael ’71.
  • Daily Special.
  • AltaVie.
  • CanniMed.
  • And Woodstock.

We’ll start with its Cannabis Power Rating:

ACB rates a “Neutral” 44 on my rating system, which compares all cannabis stocks to each other based on momentum and value.

It scores a 78 on value. Its price-to-sales ratio (P/S) of 1.73 is lower than the industry average of 1.98.

Aurora has a price-to-book value ratio (P/B) of 0.36, which is almost three times lower than the 1.05 industry average.

Aurora also has a negative price-to-earnings ratio (P/E). The company isn’t turning a profit yet.

ACB’S Bearish Momentum

ACB Aurora Cannabis stock chart

On momentum, Aurora scores a “Bearish” 21, as the stock dropped almost 80% over the last 12 months.

You see some small spikes in February, March and May — when headlines reported potential cannabis legalization in the U.S.

The stock has moved up from its 52-week low set in June, but for the most part, it’s trading flat.

One potential benefit for Aurora is its foothold in Germany.

ACB Set to Benefit From Cannabis Legalization in Germany

The German government is on the verge of legalizing adult-use cannabis across the country.

Aurora already has a production facility there that supplies medical cannabis to the population.

If legalization passes, ACB can pivot to producing adult-use recreational cannabis and be one of the first in a market that’s valued at $12.6 billion!

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF) Analysis

William asked about Harvest Health and Recreation, but Trulieve bought that company for $2.1 billion last year.

The deal created one of the largest U.S. cannabis operators at the time.

This Florida-based multistate operator (MSO) is the largest medical cannabis producer in the Sunshine State.

It also operates dispensaries in:

  • Pennsylvania.
  • Arizona.
  • California.
  • Maryland.
  • Massachusetts.
  • West Virginia.
  • And Connecticut.

Trulieve scores a “Bearish” 33 on my Cannabis Power Ratings system.

It scores a 61 on my value metric, with P/S and P/B ratios all even with cannabis production industry averages.

Like Aurora, Trulieve has a negative P/E, while the industry average is 21.7.

The company is moving into Georgia, and Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers told Yahoo Finance she’s “cautiously optimistic” about broader cannabis efforts at the federal level.

Let’s look at Trulieve’s momentum:

TCNNF Is Also Struggling

TCNNF Trulieve stock chart

Much like Aurora, Trulieve’s stock price has taken a hit.

TCNNF is down more than 50% over the last 12 months!

Trulieve rallied from its July low but trades below its 50-day simple moving average.

Final Recommendations for ACB & TCNNF

Both companies are positioned for solid futures as Aurora picks up in Germany and Trulieve uses its Florida model to expand to other states.

Aurora has better value metrics than Trulieve, but Trulieve’s stock price has not dropped as fast as ACB’s.

Bottom line: Neither of these stocks is showing significant enough momentum to warrant a full-on buy right now.

I like the prospects of both companies, but I’m not sure that now is the time to start investing in them.

I hope that answers your question, William.

That’s all for me this week.

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