I recently upgraded my smartphone from an iPhone XR to an iPhone 12.

One of the biggest differences I found after the upgrade was the ability to access 5G wireless networks. I went from spending hours downloading music, TV shows and movies to just seconds.

I can operate just as fast on my iPhone’s 5G service as I can on my laptop computer — which uses my home Wi-Fi internet connection.

While scrolling through the news on my new super-fast iPhone, I came across a story about a new use for 5G technology that will blow up how we connect to the internet — no matter where we are.

We’ll all be able to take advantage of 5G internet speeds. Best of all, it will be easier, faster and cheaper.

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, I tell you about how tech behemoth Amazon is diving headfirst into this 5G technology. I also tell you how you can invest in the resurgence of the 5G revolution for strong profits.

5G Fixed Wireless: The Next Step in the 5G Revolution

You are likely reading this on a phone, tablet or laptop. And odds are, you are using wireless technology like your cable modem and Wi-Fi setup at home.

Basically, the cable company has a fiber-optic (or something similar) cable running to your house, which connects to a modem/router and gives you a Wi-Fi signal.

It costs internet providers millions to lay all the fiber optic cable to reach houses, apartment complexes and businesses.

But there is a cheaper way … and it will transform how we access the internet.

It’s called 5G fixed wireless.

5G fixed wireless doesn’t use cables to connect you to the internet. It uses a fixed antenna that creates a wireless connection with a nearby wireless tower. It’s like connecting your phone to an antenna, only you can connect many devices at a time.

A September 2021 study by Counterpoint Research found that 5G fixed wireless connections will jump from zero in 2020 to 21% of all broadband connections in 2030 — the largest increase of any fixed broadband strategy.

This new form of fixed wireless connection will allow the average person as well as businesses to create their own private networks that take advantage of 5G’s high-speed connections.

In today’s episode of The Bull & The Bear, I’m going to show you how Amazon is breaking into this 5G revolution. I also show you how to play it for big profits as 5G technology implementation ramps up in 2022.

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