Today’s oil market is fascinating.

Prices have been on a tear lately, and there’s no end in sight.

Here’s why oil will continue to skyrocket energy into a massive $10 trillion market.

The Demand for Oil Increases as the Population Grows

With the world population continuing to grow, oil is becoming increasingly in demand.

Not only does it remain the most popular choice for fuel and transportation, but it’s also widely used for thousands of everyday items like plastics, textiles, cosmetics and lubricants.

With oil comes various products that are used not just by households but by factories and businesses as well.

As populations around the world become larger and growing economies require more of this valuable resource to keep things running smoothly, demand for oil will continue to increase.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, has held production down, despite this increase in demand.

Tack on rising inflation and interest rates, politics and the tapping of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves and it’s clear … the world needs more oil.

This demand is why energy will skyrocket into a $10 trillion market over the next decade.

Oil Is a Major Source of Energy

Oil has been an essential source of energy for centuries, and it remains a major part of our everyday lives.

We rely on it for transportation, heating our homes and providing power for manufacturing plants.

heat and power chart oil1

Oil is extracted from the ground by drilling and then refined into a variety of different products.

tight oil chart oil1

These oil-based fuels are used in countless vehicles to get us from place to place, including cars, trucks, buses and trains.

Similarly, it’s burned to provide heat during the winter months and hot water year-round.

Finally, oil’s powerful energy can be used to generate electricity in power plants that supply the electricity we need to run our appliances and other electronics.

Oil’s wide availability makes it an important part of modern life.

Profit From This Energy Trend With Oil Stocks

With oil prices on the rise, and companies continuing to expand into more markets than ever before, investing in oil stocks could add up to big profits.

If you’re looking for steady, reliable returns, oil stocks could prove to be a very lucrative investment choice.

Many have seen incredible growth over the past year due to higher energy demands and increased efficiency of oil production.

Oil companies are branching out and even buying up other industries that could increase their profits even further.

This will be an incredibly lucrative endeavor.

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To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist

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