What a year.

The most disruptive pandemic in over a century.

The quickest, most violent bear market in history.

And social distancing requirements turned our lives upside down.

But it wasn’t all bad. Because of these challenges, we had a decade’s worth of technology adoption in the span of a few months. The moves companies made this year will boost our productivity years from now in ways we wouldn’t have imagined even a year ago.

This was a special year for us at Money & Markets because, after years of research and prep work, Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell launched our Green Zone Fortunes flagship newsletter based on his proprietary Green Zone Ratings system for stocks.

Adam’s rating system forms the backbone of our research here at Money & Markets. Back in September, Adam used his Green Zone Ratings system to recommend a stock that benefits from some of those technology adoption trends … namely, the great migration into the cloud.

cloud info

“The cloud” is a revolutionary way to store files, applications and more. Instead of saving to your computer, when you save something to “the cloud,” you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Popular cloud services include Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Amazon Web Services.

It’s a foregone conclusion at this point that Amazon.com is taking over the world.

The Amazon Story You Don’t Know

Jeff Bezos and company have already remade the retail economy in Amazon’s image.

But the bigger story with Amazon is its cloud services business, Amazon Web Services (AWS). It started as a side business. Amazon invested untold billions in computer hardware, and it had excess capacity it wasn’t using. Why not rent out some of that computing power to outside companies? Amazon already had the infrastructure, and few companies can build out something comparable at an affordable price.

So, why not just piggyback on Amazon and be done?

Today, AWS is a growth machine. This division generated nearly $12 billion in revenue last quarter, jumping by 29% over the previous year. When companies needed to figure out how to get their remote employees to work during the pandemic, AWS was a massive part of the solution — usually behind the scenes.


AWS is a growth machine.

Now, Adam didn’t recommend buying Amazon stock back in September. It’s too big and too widely owned to get his attention. Instead, he recommended one of Amazon’s premier cloud partners.

Amazon’s Premier Cloud Partner: Little-Known Stock With Momentum

If you need to upgrade your data storage but lack the expertise or manpower to do it in house, these are the guys you call.

If you want to improve your network’s performance to accommodate a rush of Zoom meetings and other remote work concerns, these are the guys you call.

And if you know you want to move your business’ key operations into AWS or another cloud services provider but don’t have the foggiest idea how to get started … these are the guys you call. These are the techies that get it done for you.

The manufacturing factories of the early 1900s didn’t have domain expertise in power plants, nor the time, money or inclination to focus on power production. It made sense to outsource that to utilities companies.

It’s the same story today. Whether in the financial sector, the manufacturing industry or the consumer goods vertical, companies that want to compete in their respective industries don’t have expertise in cloud computing and aren’t suited to manage the shift to Digital 2.0 technologies. They jump at the chance to hire an experienced technology consultant rather than struggling with “in-house” teams that just don’t have the expertise and training.

Adam’s pick rates an 81 overall in the Green Zone Ratings system, making it a “Strong Bullish” stock.

This Amazon partner stock is unlikely to give you headaches. It rates highest in Volatility, with a score of 95. This means that it is less volatile than all but 5% of the stocks in our universe.

It also rates high in Quality, at 92, and Momentum, at 84.

This high-quality, low-volatility stock is in a strong uptrend that also happens to benefit from one of the great macro trends of our time in the shift to the cloud.

I can’t give you the name of the stock here, as this “holiday pick” is reserved for a special group of our paid readers. But I can tell you it’s already up about 15% since Adam first recommended it.

And it’s still early days. The stock trades for around $5 a share today — and we’re convinced it will skyrocket well over $8 in short order.

Now, this company’s set to soar in the new year, so go here now to get all the details, plus 3 additional holiday investments!

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I’m confident Adam’s Master Class will change the way you look at investing — and that you’ll thank us next year.

Money & Markets contributor Charles Sizemore specializes in income and retirement topics. Charles is a regular on The Bull & The Bear podcast. He is also a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business. Follow Charles on Twitter @CharlesSizemore.