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M&M Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far!

My weekends (and weeknights) are now filled with diaper changes, round-the-clock feedings and late-night snuggles with my son, Leo.

My wife and I are beyond exhausted, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our son is a tremendous blessing in our lives. Though he entered this world during one of the most challenging times we’ve ever seen, I have high hopes we are starting to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

While it might not seem that way if you peruse the headlines or watch the nightly news, we are making great progress.

According to Harvard Health, researchers have not only identified the viral cause of COVID-19, successfully mapped its genome, and tracked its spread…

…they’ve developed a number of vaccines with large-scale trials to determine which ones are safe and effective.

That’s not just good news, it’s great. Really great.

As an avid researcher myself, I’ve found even better news – and one, under-the-radar biotech company that’s at the forefront of making huge strides in the COVID-19 vaccination arena, too.

Now it’s already gone up 91% since May, but according to my research, it’s got a long way to run (run up, that is).

The news I found is so exciting – and potentially very profitable – for potential early investors like you, it gave me an idea…

To close out a rather historic year not just for the entire world – but for us here at Money & Markets – I thought I’d give you all the major developments on this one biotech company, plus 4 other exciting investments our team’s found, too, as a special holiday edition of our daily newsletter.

I’m calling it my “5 Holiday Investments to Buy Before 2021.”

Holiday Investments to Buy Now

Our very own Charles Sizemore will reveal our 1st holiday pick tomorrow morning.

The stock he’ll tell you all about is just $5 a share, but that’s not even the best part…

This tech company is a key player that supports the $1.59 trillion-dollar ecommerce juggernaut, Amazon – and its stock price could soar as soon as the New Year begins. You won’t want to miss Charles’ exciting update first thing tomorrow.

Up next, you’ll be hearing from our research analyst, Matt Clark, with our 2nd holiday pick. I don’t want to give too many spoilers here on this company, but it’s up 71% so far since July. But, again, I anticipate it’s got a ton more room to spike in the new year and beyond.

Toward the middle of the week, I’ll be giving you all the details on our 3rd and 4th holiday investments that involve the biotech company I told you about earlier. Again, I don’t want to give too much away here, but this company is a hybrid of sorts. Its specialty is biotech, but it’s also viewed as a pioneer in the $138.9 billion-dollar Big Data industry, which is slated to balloon to $229 billion over the next 5 years.

Last but not least, Charles will close out the week with our 5th and final holiday pick. This company is focused on helping the world become as healthy as possible and has many exciting catalysts that could cause its stock price to soar very soon.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about each of our holiday picks…

… especially because we believe each of them is a “Buy” before 2021 begins.

So, you won’t want to miss any of our updates this week.

That’s when we’ll give you all the details on each these exciting opportunities, plus the best way to get into position before we close out 2020.

Now, before I let you go, I want to let you know that we wouldn’t have been able to zero in on any of these amazing opportunities if it weren’t for our team’s brand-new “Green Zone” stock ratings system.

After working tirelessly for months programming over 75 financial metrics into it, our team launched it back in June. And, like my son, Leo, it’s been another huge blessing for me this year.

That’s because it’s given me and my team the opportunity to find, rate and recommend only the “cream of the crop” stocks based on six factors: growth, momentum, quality, value, size, volatility.

And so far, we’ve found some really incredible stocks including the “5 holiday stocks” we’re about to share with you this week.

We hope you enjoy reading all about these stocks and do decide to take advantage of the great investments they present for the New Year and beyond.

Thank you for your time today and for being a loyal reader of ours here at Money & Markets.

It’s our absolute pleasure and honor to bring you only the best and most lucrative investments every day.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets